One Drop Benchmark Series 2013: A High Speed YoYo Review

When One Drop told me what their intentions were for the Benchmark series I was seriously intrigued. It is a brilliant idea on paper; build three separate yo-yos around the same base set of specs that represent the three standard variations on the butterfly shape, Organic, H, and V. It is a true study in how just the shape effects the play and the feel on the string. While a shape study was one of the major points of this series, One Drop had also set out to make the lowest priced Side Effect enabled yo-yo and have subsequently priced these at $60 each. It will be interesting to see if these are just a novelty or if the Benchmark series has a place in your collection.

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Awesome! I love your reviews, how do you choose what yoyos to review?

Sometimes a company will ask if I want to review their latest products, other times if a yoyo catches my eye I will contact the company and see if I may borrow a review unit, finally I will buy or trade for what I want and do the review myself. There really is no science to it, while I a have my preferences for certain specs, I love messing around with new throws so I will play just about anything. In fact a company recently asked me if I would like to throw their up coming steel yoyo that will clock in at 100 grams. I said yes even though part of me is calling myself a bloody fool who doesn’t value his own throw hand. :slight_smile:

Great review.

I kinda question for the purpose of the benchmark series, as they has similar spec but different shape.
Your review made it all clear.

That sounds like one hell of a throw, and I thought my ReXtreme hurt when it knots up XD. Keep up the great work!

Great review… I bought the “H” a week or two ago, and just received my nickel “O” in the mail today. Both are amazing. I’ve owned many a one drop, and for whatever reason I like both of these much more than all of the others I have owned prior.

It does make me want to own all three… different days require different throws, but it’s nice to be able to get used to a certain weight/size. Now I just have one more to go.

Awesome. Just remember that nickel adds a gram or two so it will not be a true spec parity but the nickel is too pretty not to have at least one in the collection. I would love to have all three in nickel. :slight_smile:

Oh, like these? ;D (ignore the one on the right, that’s not a Benchmark, “just” a nickel Format:C…)


I just got mine in the mail today an orange v to poor to get all 3