The 2016 One Drop Benchmark Series!

The original conception of the One Drop Benchmark series had a few different goals: Document on-going trends in yo-yo shapes, explore multiple different yo-yo shapes with the same specs, and provide high quality Side Effect yo-yos at a great price. The 2016 Benchmark Series is the 3rd edition of the Benchmark line and we think it’s the best one yet!

One Drop kept the same 4 basic shapes (W, H, O, & V) from the previous Benchmark releases in order to refine and improve on the shapes already set in place. Starting at $58, the 2016 Benchmark Series is a great way for any player to join the Side Effect fun!


It’s beefy rims give it the most changed profile of the series. Most stable of the series with long spin times and a profile that snuggles right into your hand.


It handles speed well and with addition of the inner ridge near the response the catch zone is deceptively wide.


Competition inspired wing shape. Great mix of speed and stability with a wide catch zone that is very confidence inspiring.


Classic smooth organic soul. For lovers of that old school rounded feel with all the modern performance benefits.

These new Benchmarks are really great playing yoyos. If you haven’t had a chance to try any of them, you’re in for a real treat!

Jammin’ some Devo today to celebrate!