One Drop Benchmark Series 2016: A High Speed YoYo Review

One Drop has decided to release the latest in their Benchmark design study series. For those who may not have been around during the previous two runs or are new to One Drop yo-yos, the Benchmark series are a unique concept. They are a set of yo-yos that all share a common set of specs. The only difference between the yo-yos in each series are the shapes used for each individual piece. When first conceived and released in 2013, One Drop used three basic shapes, Organic, H-Shape, and V-Shape. When the 2014 series was released One Drop came to the realization that the original V-Shape was more of a Wing shape design so they changed the name to reflect that idea and added a pure V-Shape design to the mix, giving that series and the 2016 series the four shapes currently employed. As with the last review, I will do an overarching break down in the sections and then break out into specifics on the individual designs.

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So, the H shape is the blue one and the W shape is the black one?

That is correct. When I get back to my computer I will add the colors next to the names in the review.

I have a w and love it! I switched out the side effects to some black ultralights from my Kuntosh. Lighter side effects make it feel more rim weighted. Overall an awesome throw especially when u look at the price point.

Oh man, I want an O shape so bad! That Deep Space colorway is legit!

Is the H any good for 5A?

Just wanted a quick opinion…I have 5 yoyos already all from YoYoFactory, which I’m very happy with. Really Interested in the Czech Point. I can only get one right now…So, branch out and get a OD yoyo like this one, or go ahead and get the Czech Point first??

Thank you

Nothing wrong with having many from a single company, but I always recommend branching out and trying new things. You have four from YYF so you know what you are going to get with them, now is a good time to get a One Drop and see what they have to offer.