Thoughts on C3 Apparition And Electric Flash

Title pretty much says it all. There’s not much else to say, but I was looking at the Dymension but I’m not sure if its good at 1A, Since its mainly used for 5A. I’ve pretty much decided on the Electric flash but I just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on it. I’m also thinking about the Krown or P.wave.

I dont think there is a yoyo thats good at 5A but not good at 1A, if you like the dymension, go for it! Dont know much about the others, but the Pwave looks sick:D

Krown 2009 worlds 1st place sig

Krown seems to be the best of all of those.

Electric Flash was very stable to me but I’d definitely take a krown over it if I had the option.


The Krown wasn’t used in the 2009 worlds contest, it wasn’t even dreamed of then.

Note the word sig

You gotta admit, “Krown 2009 worlds 1st place sig” isn’t a clear phrase. I didn’t know what you meant, either. Only now can we see that what you meant (and should have said all along) is:

“Krown is the signature yoyo of the 2009 World’s champion.”

THEN we could have rightly replied with “Yeah, but he used a Sleipnir…” Which would have brought us to exactly the same point. :wink:

FWIW, I love the Krown. I felt it was significantly “better” for my tastes than the Electric Flash. I have never played an Apparition. However-- I think an earlier comment stands: If you like the Dymension, don’t let its “5A” status change your opinion. I can’t think of a single yoyo that excels at 5A but is not very good for 1A. Supernova… Genesis… KYS Rapid… all excellent 1A yoyos.