Those yoyos that everyone wants, and nobody had...

What yoyos can you think of that fall under this list? Do you have any that you are pleased with?

Duncan Imperial

for me right now its a solaris… id like the rest of the colors…

but i know for alot of people it will be the draupnir

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I came here specifically to post a reply like that, and now I have nothing else clever to say so I’m just going to leave and cry in a corner. Alone.

Clever?..I’ve been trying to get one of these for years…you wouldn’t believe the lines at walmart ;D

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I have a guy a my dialysis center who has a yoyo from the 60’s. Said I can have it if he remembers to bring it in.

The yeti and the peak come to mind for me

This. The punchline, the punchline repeater, addiction…a green Flying V so I can sell my red Flying V to Berto.

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Flying v. Nuff said

I want an Irony JPX soooo bad D: I hope they will get a restock, I doubt it though. :confused:

I am seriously considering putting my Irony JPX up

I’d buy it instantly. Ifff… I could :stuck_out_tongue:

IDK Peak? Boyd’s green peak 8)

Since we’re talking Peaks, throw the Fire Swirl, Earth Swirl, a pink mountain OG Peak, and Chris’ c-foam painted Peak in there.

Walter. I want one bad. I’d trade a ton for a mint one.

Xcube aware right now. I would say draupnir but… ;)))))

Yoyo studio llama Mjollnir