Those yoyos that everyone wants, and nobody had...


What yoyos can you think of that fall under this list? Do you have any that you are pleased with?


Duncan Imperial

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for me right now its a solaris… id like the rest of the colors…

but i know for alot of people it will be the draupnir


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I came here specifically to post a reply like that, and now I have nothing else clever to say so I’m just going to leave and cry in a corner. Alone.


Clever?..I’ve been trying to get one of these for years…you wouldn’t believe the lines at walmart ;D


I have a guy a my dialysis center who has a yoyo from the 60’s. Said I can have it if he remembers to bring it in.


The yeti and the peak come to mind for me


This. The punchline, the punchline repeater, addiction…a green Flying V so I can sell my red Flying V to Berto.


Flying v. Nuff said


I want an Irony JPX soooo bad D: I hope they will get a restock, I doubt it though. :confused:


I am seriously considering putting my Irony JPX up


I’d buy it instantly. Ifff… I could :stuck_out_tongue:


IDK Peak? Boyd’s green peak 8)


Since we’re talking Peaks, throw the Fire Swirl, Earth Swirl, a pink mountain OG Peak, and Chris’ c-foam painted Peak in there.


Walter. I want one bad. I’d trade a ton for a mint one.


Xcube aware right now. I would say draupnir but… ;)))))


Yoyo studio llama Mjollnir

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