Those presents: ☆Jon Veach☆

☆Jon Veach☆
Santa Cruz, California.

Jon has been yoyoing off and on since 2007 and you can definitely tell he has some deep roots in the game. He hasn’t competed since 2010 but he wouldn’t mind diving back into the competitive scene at some point. Regardless what anyone thinks he should definitely keep up those #trickcircle posts!

If he is not throwing yoyos you will find Jon deep in the kitchen brewing up his own kombucha, hiking in the woods, or caring for his succulent plants!

THE SETUP: Jon is throwing a C3 Bastet with the stock bearing/pads while using the tried and true @yoyoexpert 100% polyester string.

THE SPIN: I love the sound of this setup and the visual spin waves from the colorway on this Bastet. Also check out some of Jon’s sick succs! He’s definitely got the green thumb and those deft hands.

Keep an eye on this guy’s instagram: @jonnygarbanzo



If you are interested in throwing for those message us! We also have some shirts available.

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