Hey guys this past weekend I met up with Jim White (G2 team member) and Thomas Keane who moved to Portland from Eugene where one drop is and he knows most of the one drop guys well he said. Anyways Portland Yoyo club will be starting back up and take place during Sundays. Here’s a little clip I shot of Thomas throwing we were gonna make a edit but we didn’t have any equipment so I just captured a quick clip on my iPhone.

Both Jim White and Thomas Keane are super cool dudes if your from Portland feel free to reply to this thread for more info on the club!

Here’s the clip of Thomas! He was throwing a blue and yellow summit.

Glad to hear it’s starting up again! You guys should visit the OSU yoyo club in Corvallis if you’re ever able

Wow this is such crazy timing… I literally just started back up again and was one of the early PDX Yoyo group members back in 06’ -07’ and just got my Summit in the mail today. Where is everyone throwing? If you could send me more info I’d be delighted!

Count me in! 8)