PORTLAND, OREGON!! Any throwers out there??


I’m curious to know if there’s any people in Portland or the metropolitan area throw?? I’ve only met one person who throws, and one over Instagram who I haven’t met in person yet.

I heard about some group meeting at some bar?? I’m 22 so that would be cool, found that out from the people at serious juggling here in Portland.

I live in north Portland but would be down to meet at a central location.

I know this is a longshot but its worth it!!
Email or PM
Jsofly503 (at) gmail

(Owen) #2

I believe that there is a yoyo club in your area, and i know for fact that One Drop Yoyos are located in Oregon.

I also believe that there are a few throwers on here who meet near your area.

They will post :wink:

(M.DeV1) #3

I’m in washington which is close!


What’s up dude I live in SE Portland we should meet up sometime I’m 13 though


dude, One drop is in eugene, which is like a 2 hour drive if you want to visit them.


Hey there! I live in Portland - Cedar Mills area (Hwys 26/217).

There are quite a few players in the Portland area. The meet ups, however, have sort of fizzled out recently. I have not heard back from the guy that sponsored the bar meet up so I do not know what is going on there. He does have a Facebook page about it so maybe you can get a better response there.

The biggest problem is location and the fact that many players are not as mobile as others.


I remember meeting the geezer after one of my soccer games, he’s a cool guy


I live in Portland.
The only really legit group is in Eugene from what I understand…
I met some guy at the Nike Tennis Open who was throwing a Cascade. Kinda weird. Never heard from him again. I guess he’s local.


i live 60 miles away from Portland.


So me and a couple friends will be going to director park on friday november 8th around 4:30 if anyone wants to join us


Yeah I know one drop is in Eugene but haven’t been able to make the 2 hour drive lately :confused:


Zigzag where is director park? I’m down to come meet up


It is on 815 SW park ave the cross street is SW yamhill


I will be there at 3:45 instead of 4:30