Portland Oregon team


Does anyone want to form a group in Portland?


I am almost positive there is one. contact one drop yoyos and ask for contact info.


The onedrop group is in eugene i believe. But I am in Portland!




No I mean I talked with the group leader last year, or maybe the one before at nats. They where talking about getting a oregon state contest gonig, and where in contact with one drop yoyos. Thats why I said ask them. :wink: I don’t know that it is a open club, or still going.


I live in Portland.

Check out: http://portlandyoyo.blogspot.com/


Do u guys know any good yoyo stores in portland


No. If you do; let me know.
There is a juggling store on the East side that carries Duncan and maybe a YYF or two. But I do not think they have anything high-end.


Cool thanks


Outside of Portland theres a toy store in Bethany that sells a few. It has northstars i think. Nothing great, but its something.


What’s it called