Want to buy One Drop or CLYW yoyo in Vancouver, Canada


I’ve recently decided to pick up yoyo isn’t again after a 7 year hiatus. After some browsing, I’m become somewhat obsessed with One Drop and CLYW yoyos. So, I wanted to ask, is anyone in the Portland, OR area open to selling me one – tonight? I’ll pay for a top end models (Summit,Burnside). I’m leaving for Vancouver B.C tomorrow morning, so it’d need to be soon. Or, does anyone in Vancouver have one that I can buy? I’m open to other brands. Right now I just have the urge to see how far the yoyo has come. Thanks.


Portland, Oregon is where the OneDrop HQ is, if I’m not mistaken. You may be able to purchase one there.


Does anyone know if they sell direct? Anyone in Portland open to selling a yoyo today?


If i was home i would hook you up, but i am out of town right now.
Onedrop is located in Eugene, Oregon which is a couple hours south of Portland. They’re generally very open to visitors, but you should let them know to expect you first.


Anyone in Seattle want to sell a high end throw? I’ll be passing through in about 3 hours.


Unfortunately, Eugene is the opposite direction of where I’m headed. I ended up buying a couple on yoyobestbuy and had them shipped to my hotel in Canada. We’ll see about that. :slight_smile: Due to the possibility of never getting these, I’m still open to buying.


I’m in Vancouver Canada and want to buy a high end yoyo. Help me out. I’ll be at Stanley park later. Anyone selling?


I ended up buying a couple of return tops from the guys in Vancouver’s Yoyo club. I recommend that you stop by on Saturday if you’re in the area. They have a nice practice space at the library across from Crystal Lake Mall. And they’re really nice guys.

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