One drop visits?

Hey guys I emailed one drop a little while back, but they still have not replied, I thought you guys might be able to help. In a few weeks I will be going to portland, which is really close to where one drop is based, and I was hoping that I could go visit them and see how everything is made :slight_smile: I just thought that it might be cool, and also it would be important to visit them, seeing as sometime in the future they might be making yo-yos for us and maybe anodizing as well, so it would be useful as well. Does anyone have information about visit? I know it’s a long shot, but do you guys know/think that they would be cool with it?

I’d imagine that the one drop boys are currently drop dead busy preparing their own yoyos, and all of the other yoyos they manufacture, for worlds. It might just not be possible if you’re trying to visit before Worlds.

I’ve read several times that they are very accommodating to visitors. Just shoot them another email.

They get as many as 2-4 visits daily all while keeping up with the YoYo demands. Give it time, shoot them another email. They’ll get back to you eventually.

oooh so it sounds like they do in fact offer visits :smiley: thanks mr. legendary paul dang, and thank you as well mr. legendary weird guy and you too mr. vegabomb.

They are in from 10-5, Monday through Friday generally. They like visitors, but make sure to inform them that you are coming. They can be kinda slow with responses since they are busy. Remember to be polite with asking and dont act too eager.
Keep in mind that Eugene isn’t very close to portland. You will have to allow a full day to take a trip down. It’s about 2 hours driving each way.
Also, they can take a long lunch break :wink:
If you do go, tell them that they need to hire a tour guide. Just do it 8)

Have fun!

…I see what you did there hahahaha

yeah man, shoot us another email and i will try to remind David about you as well. we have indeed been extremely busy as of late but we do enjoy visits very much! hope you can make it! :slight_smile: