A tour through One Drop's "playable" yo-yo museum

Every-time I visit One Drop’s machine shop in Eugene, Oregon I go straight for their collection of modern yo-yos. It’s so much fun going through and asking questions, but this time I decided to record it so y’all could see some of the rare yo-yos they have on hand.


Great video! Nice to see what they have there.

Thanks for sharing!


Glad to hear you like Spinworthy fixies, @DocPop . :slightly_smiling_face:

Have always wanted a look through this collection… thanks for another awesome video @DocPop!

That`s one big expensive drawer :smiley: Watched 40 minutes video without a single pause.


MARKMONTs are the GOAT!! :star_struck::star_struck:

I’m really glad y’all are enjoying this video. Thanks for all the comments. I can’t wait to show y’all the 48 hour yo-yo project we made last week.


Side note: was there any YYF in that collection? Don’t think I saw any, but it’s been a day since I’ve watched the video and not everything was shown. If so, that’s a pretty big omission (and likely a purposeful one, for whatever reason). Any confirmation/insight on that @DocPop?

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There’s whole draw for YYF by the looks. They show it briefly at 35:07

Damn, you got a good eye… I can make out a Higby 888 but that’s about it lmao, it goes by pretty quick.

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