A tour through One Drop's "playable" yo-yo museum

Every-time I visit One Drop’s machine shop in Eugene, Oregon I go straight for their collection of modern yo-yos. It’s so much fun going through and asking questions, but this time I decided to record it so y’all could see some of the rare yo-yos they have on hand.


Great video! Nice to see what they have there.

Thanks for sharing!


Glad to hear you like Spinworthy fixies, @DocPop . :slightly_smiling_face:

Have always wanted a look through this collection… thanks for another awesome video @DocPop!

That`s one big expensive drawer :smiley: Watched 40 minutes video without a single pause.


MARKMONTs are the GOAT!! :star_struck::star_struck:

I’m really glad y’all are enjoying this video. Thanks for all the comments. I can’t wait to show y’all the 48 hour yo-yo project we made last week.


Side note: was there any YYF in that collection? Don’t think I saw any, but it’s been a day since I’ve watched the video and not everything was shown. If so, that’s a pretty big omission (and likely a purposeful one, for whatever reason). Any confirmation/insight on that @DocPop?

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There’s whole draw for YYF by the looks. They show it briefly at 35:07

Damn, you got a good eye… I can make out a Higby 888 but that’s about it lmao, it goes by pretty quick.

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Hi Doc
Do you know if they are open to the public? I’m going to be in the Eugene area this Friday and would love to stop by and hopefully buy something. I checked their website and couldn’t find info on visiting them.


email onedropdesign@gmail.com and see if they will be open to it! AFAIK they don’t have standard open hours, but you can talk to them and they are great dudes. Get me a black/purple halfswapped Nitro while you’re there :smiley:


I think it’s open to appointments, if that makes sense. I don’t think they would want people to just walk in but if you email them and set a time frame they would probably be cool with it. That’s how it was when I visited anyway

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Thank you I’ll try and contact them

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I am a huge One Drop fan so this was so cool to see, thank you for sharing with us!