I got to visit One Drop today!

And I can’t say enough good things about David, Shawn, and the gang. I really wasn’t expecting to meet such a friendly, helpful, and engaging group of guys. They deeply care about their customers and the products they produce. I had a great chat with David and Paul about the history and evolution of yoyos over the years that ended with them describing how modern yoyos are designed and made. I have a new appreciation for everything that goes into making these things.

They walked me through some new skills and tricks, and I got to try out a ton of yoyos, including the first metal yoyo David ever bought and the first model One Drop ever produced. I arrived a little before lunch, so Paul was left to show me the available throws. He was gracious enough to provide a lot of instruction and answer all my questions. As you all know, this guy is amazing to watch, but he’s also incredibly patient and an excellent teacher. I’m new to the game, so the tutorial session today was invaluable!

Paul gave me a little tour of the equipment, and we looked at (and played) some new yoyos they’re developing, including a titanium model and another that harkens to the company’s past. These are exciting times, especially since they’re gearing up to move the outfit to downtown Eugene.

I apologize for gushing, but I feel fortunate to live so close to One Drop and to be able to help support a company that’s producing top-notch products here in the US. If you’re ever wondering if One Drop yoyos are worth the asking price, the answer is a resounding yes.

I left the shop feeling like One Drop is the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of yoyo manufacturers, and I won a golden ticket that got me through the gates. I ended up with several gorgeous new throws, but best of all, I met some fantastic folks and got a huge shot of inspiration. Send them an email and swing by if you’re ever in Eugene. You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks again to everyone at One Drop for a great time today! I’m already nailing a couple new tricks.



Yoyos (starting top left):
MarkMont. Classic
Summit (totally unmarked!)


Oh my that rally and downbeat.

I saw Paul working with you on the ShopCam. Those One Drop guys are a class act!


I can see it now…

Sounds like an absolutely fantastic day! Touring Onedrop’s factory is definitely something I aim on doing some day. You got a great haul out of it as well, loving than Mango Rally!

Thanks for sharing with us man, glad to hear you had a great time. :slight_smile:


i have to say that this community has some of the nicest people and companies out of an other… when i went to Georgia state i was amazed at how well everyone got along and no one cared who threw their yoyos…

I was reluctant to let anyone throw my Summit, but then I was throwing Chief, Cliff, AC, even a 1/1 Peak, a Laser, and then letting someone throw my Summit was not problem. :smiley:

But @Andy_B, those throws look sweet and the story sounds even more so. That’s excellent that you got to go check them out and meet such nice guys. I live so far away, but I wish I could go up there and visit.

Congrats on getting to see the One Drop shop it thats deffinatly on my to do list Oregons a long way from me though

I was also watching you on the shop cam.
Definitely want to go there soon. That rally looks amazing!

Going to the OneDrop shop is definitely on my yo-yo bucket list.

Thanks, all. There’s a lot of Mango Rally love here! One thing I didn’t mention is there’s a mango version with purple rings. Paul said he’s a Laker’s fan, so he prefers that option (Dang-o colorway?).

I’m sorry for those of you who watched me for any amount of time on the ShopCam, but I guess we all start out the same way. Seeing Paul go to town was probably worth it, though.


Sounds like an awesome visit!!! Great people running an amazing company. I can’t wait to see what they do with the new space. Also That downbeat looks SIIICKKK!!!

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I’m bringing this topic back up for 2 reasons:

Firstly, I’ll be honest, I spent the best part of 20 minutes photoshopping Onedrop-Shawn’s head onto Willy Wonka’s body, and I’m craving recognition for my efforts.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly (ok, definately more importantly)… this little fact seems to have gotten overlooked.

So right here we have someone that actually has hands on experience with the CiTizen. The first non-employee to try one that I’m so far aware of…

So, AndyB, how did it play? Tell us about it. Spare no detail however small.

Andy B don’t say a word it is the worst yoyo ever and that is final!

I’m really just convincing myself not to like so that I don’t want to buy one because I know I can’t.

But seriously how was it?

Paul’s a Lakers fan? ME TOOOOOO! *highfive Paul

Lol! I didn’t even catch that the first time I saw that pic!



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Your efforts have been recognized. I’ve consulted with the resident genie. Ten thousand mosquitoes are en route to your sleeping chamber.

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Blimey, I feel like I’ve just been knighted. bows ;D

Im sleeping with my windows closed though… Just in case.

Your work was so good I didn’t notice it the first time I saw it.

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now i want to see david dressed like willie wonka…