One drop shop visit!!


So, I’ve always been a Huge one drop fan ever since i discovered them back in June. When i found out that their homebase is located in Eugene, Oregon (only an hour and a half away from where i live in Newport, Oregon) i was ecstatic. Where i live in Newport there is absolutely ZERO yoyoers. Not a single one. Since i’ve started i have learned and progressed solely from watching Andre’s videos (at first), coming to this forum, and youtube. So learning in person from other people has never been an option. So naturally when i found out about One drop i decided i absolutely HAD to go. Yesterday, after months of waiting i was finally able to. I called David from One drop on the phone and asked him about dropping by, to my surprise he said “Yeah totally!!! Come on down, we welcome visitors!!!” So me and Hannah, my girlfriend, took the road trip down there.
When i pulled up to the shop, i was greeted by a 6 unit shop building, similar to what Auto mechanics use. Who would guess the things that those mad geniuses are up to in there?!?! The only identifying mark on the whole building was a small One drop sticker by the door handle. I knocked and was greeted by David and Shawn, the geniuses behind these great yoyo. I’ve always heard they are stand up guys and love to have visitors at their shop, and it all was true!!! Some of the nicest most genuine people i’ve ever met in my life, they chatted with my girlfriend and I, and gave us a tour around the shop. Showing us all the lathes and every single process used in the making of their brilliant yoyos. I got to touch, photograph, and play with all that i saw. I was expecting friendliness but man!!! That was awesome!! I even got to play the new CODE 2 for as long as i wanted. (everybody look out for that one, its gonna be AMAZING!!)

I just felt that these guys deserved some recognition. Not only did they show us around, sell me some yoyos and let me play any yoyo out of his vast (and i mean HUUUUUGE) collection, David was also nice enough to be patient and help teach my girlfriend hannah a better way to bind. There was also another worker in the Shop named Andrew. (ando_commando on the forums) He was a super nice guy (my age, 22 yrs old) He hung out with us while david and shawn went back to work, and traded with me, and taught me new tricks. Look out for him at PNWR this year!!
All in all, i was blown away at how kind these guys were, and exactly why their yoyos are soo great. Everybody, if you haven’t tried a One drop, Do so immediately!! Also, everyone, if you are traveling through Oregon and happen to pass through Eugene, look these guys up!! They have their own forum, and on there you will find all the info you need to stop by. Seriously, outstanding human beings!!

Here are a few of the pics i took during my visit there (and yes i did ask if it was okay to do) I know they aren’t the greatest quality but whatever, here they are:

The only indicator that people are creating yoyos inside…

A new batch of burnsides being made… Going from this, raw aluminum rods:

to this…
Raw burnsides, being spat out of the lathe. Fresh from being machined. Amazing!!

and then on to the Pyramatting (though there is a few steps in between of course)

and eventually they become this:

I took more pictures, but it would take forever to upload them all. It was truly awesome, and fascinating to see first hand the process from start to finish. It was very kind of them to walk us through and explain everything to us patiently. Im definetely going again!! They also have a weekly yoyo club that meets every friday in Eugene. Go to their forum for more details. Seriously, if you get a chance, stop in there. No matter how long of a drive it is, trust me it is worth it! I’m still talking about it, even though it was yesterday. Hannah is telling me to shut up about it. Hahaha! You’ll just have to see for yourself!
Thanks David, Shawn, and Andrew!!!


I will be there soon…


Sounds like a really cool place! Thanks for the pix.

I can’t wait to go.


Wish I was closer…


Yeah it was really cool to see the inner workings of the yoyo biz. Not to mention trying out all kinds of new yoyos, and yoyos that i’ve wanted to try for a long time. It was a super fun time, Definitely worth the drive.


How long did you have to drive? I am in indiana and I have 1 day and 7 hours lol


Dude I visited too I got a dang for $41 I loved it when did you go?


Thanks, Nicholi, for sharing your experience. I have a CODE 1 and it’s one of my favorite throws. I laughed at the above quote because I’ve only been yoyoing for 3 months and my girlfriend is already sick of me going on and on about it. She starts kissing me in the middle of my sentence to shut me up. I suppose it could be worse. ;D


Can you purchase stuff from them?


oooohhh yeah you can! you would just have to go there and find out exactly how it works though. TRUST ME. Its worth it :wink:

(Cinimod105) #11

Sadly, I am more than 12 hours away from wherever that place is.


I went yesterday. And yes, he gave me an Insane deal. I’m not gonna post prices on here but… It was an absolutely insanely good deal.

and @Dingo54- I only had to drive a little over an hour and a half, but it would be worth it for me to drive two days for that amazing visit. It would seriously be worth it.


Are they new or used throws?


New ;D
And they had an amazing collection 8)


Yes they did have an amazing collection. I tried my hardest to throw them all! Lol


I went on tuesday with one of my friends whose been yo-yoing for about 2 months and he was amazed. He got a cafe racer as his first metal there


Haha! So you guys were the ones there right before us! That’s awesome! They are all pretty Dang cool huh? Andrew is a good thrower too.


I’m jealous…

And I know I should be jealous.


I’ve been there a few times. I’m going back tomorrow potentially. A great source to get yoyos direct from the factory.


So jealous lol :stuck_out_tongue: