One Drop shop

This will be my first post that ISN’T asking a question…

So as I’ve gotten back into Yoyo-ing there has been a lot of catching up to do… in my quest I recently learned that One Drop is just a bit over an hour from where I live - I contacted them with a few questions - not only did they get right back to me but I also got to go and check out where the magic happens.

I got to see from start to (just before anodizing) finish - it was great! These guys are top notch, lovers of what they do and it shows. I even got a chance to check out different models (including a version of the Code 2)… ended up buying both a Code 1 (fade to jade) and a Dietz (smile train) from them - the only complaint I have is I can’t use both at the same time :wink: I love these throws! (my first non-plastic throws, not counting a DM2)

But what honestly makes them (the yoyo’s) all the better are the guys behind them! These are my first One Drop throws and they won’t be my last!

My son is now begging to go check it out, he wasn’t able to make this trip - and it’ll be a blast to take him!

Just felt like I needed to throw this up on the board…

Oh - one other thing - a few days back I asked some questions about bearings - got good feedback - but someone posted something like ‘parts are parts’ - these both pack the One Drop 10ball - the thing is so stinking smooth and quiet!

Yeah i’ve always been a One drop fan ever since i found out they are located in Eugene. I went and visited their shop about a month ago and met Shawn, David and Andrew. I even posted a topic about it too!! hahaha! They are super nice guys and a company worth supporting. They are awesome. I go to Eugene yoyo club too now whenever i can. I’ve been missing out!! Anyways, Its great to hear about another positive experience with those guys.
You said you were an hour away from there? I live in Newport, where are you from?

Oh yeah, most bearings are pretty close in quality, however every one has different minute characteristics. I found that The OD 10 ball is smoother than most. I use it in every one of my throws, regardless of what brand it is. I also found that if you have a yoyo with a small amount of vibe, a ten ball decreases the vibe, and sometimes gets rid of it altogether. I think they are they best. Some people may disagree, but hey, that’s just me. If YOU like it, and it works for you, then it doesn’t really matter what ANYBODY says.

I’m in Scio, east of Salem/Albany.

Me and my boys went down right after New Years and they had a great time. My older son says he wants to go down there on his birthday so he can go to the yoyo club.

Oregonnnn. Nice. I’m in beaverton.

Wow, guys.

Wait to make me jealous of all you guys in Oregon.

Hehehe I live in portland

Yes, I got to visit the shop last week for the first time, and it was like being a kid in a candy store. The guys (David, Shawn, Andrew) were super cool, they had probably 100 yoyos to try out, and they would have let me try every one!
I am here in Eugene, and I haven’t made it to any of the local meets, but if we can arrange something on my days off I’m there.
Enjoy your Dietz turtle, I got mine about a month ago and I’m loving it.


It’s the best state to live in by far in my opinon!! No place like it. :slight_smile:

How much do the throws cost if you buy them there?

Same price?

No they give you half off

I live in Beaverton (OK technically unincorporated Portland/Cedar Mills) and I and my son made a visit to the OD shop awhile back. We had a really fun time seeing the first of the Code 1’s and Deitz’s come off the old CNC Mill/Lathe machine. Now they have a new lady who is far more capable - I am told.

What makes a visit even better are the truly quality people that are OneDrop. Shawn and Dave are just nice guys to talk to and learn from. It is great to see an American Company that is true to the spirit of quality and integrity in everything they do. They just do things right. It is a quality that I wish more of America would share in.

They have an open invitation out to all - just drop them a note before you come, to make sure they are in town.

Shhhh, don’t give away the local secret ;D