One Drop customer service is AMAZING!!

Hello all,

Well I happen to be lucky enough to live near the One Drop facility. Out of the blue I emailed them and asked if they had a store front and David very quickly replied and said they did not but if I wanted to come by anyway I could look around and purchase one from them.

I made arrangements to go there today and had my 7 year old son with me. Let me say I am very new to this yoyo addiction and have a lot to learn. As soon as I arrived everyone there made me feel VERY welcome and was excited that I was interested in yoyoing. They didn’t care at all that I didn’t know what I was doing and were extremely supportive and encouraging. They took my son and I on a tour of the entire place and showed us the process of making a yoyo. They let me try all the different One Drop yoyo’s and even showed me a few things. They showed some of their skills with a yoyo as well :slight_smile: My son was SO excited on the way home and said those guys were the best yoyoers he has ever seen, even better than the ones I show him on the internet he said :slight_smile: it made him excited to try to yoyo as well.

Well I walked out with a Rally and a Benchmark H-shape. I could not be more excited about my purchase. So to anyone thinking of a new yoyo purchase do not hesitate to pick up any One Drop yoyo. Their quality is outstanding and their customer service is second to none.

To all of you at One Drop thank you for the tour and the killer new throws. You have a customer for life.


Sounds like they really rolled out the red carpet for you. Kudos to the guys at One Drop! thumbs up


I think this story just decided my next yoyo and broke the tie :wink:

You will not be disappointed:)

Oh I know. I have 3 1/2 One Drops (Summit).

I wish i could visit one drop haha, but thats so cool! Im trying to teach my brother, but hes not quite old enough yet

Better than the Yoyoers you showed your son on the internet?! No way!! Soooo many great players around the world! Thank you for swinging by! It was great meeting you Steve! Can’t wait until you swing by again in a few weeks! Be prepared to show me some new tricks! That bind isn’t quite cutting it!

The bolded statement above should be absolutely true. I can’t say for sure since I’ve only tried a Yelets, and it’s undersized and finished with pyramatte, which I don’t like very much. I need to try a full sized OD, pyramatte finish or not. I mean, they make yoyos for the majority of the American and Canadian companies out there, so they should have the art of yoyo making down pat.

Maybe real life Paul Dang is just better than internet video Paul Dang :wink:


LOL, you got it!!!

He is !!!

Great to hear! I’m VERY new to unresponsive YoYo’s, and despite that OneDrop is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I own 4 right now, and looking for more! Would love to stop by their factory whenever I’m near them.

Is one drop in Eugene oregon?