Awesome One Drop Yoyo service!

I just wanted to post this, praising David over at One Drop. I was having trouble locating certain products that they sell, not only did he reply swiftly, he searched high and low to find what I was asking about. He went above and beyond what anyone would expect from even the best customer service! I love One Drop products, but what makes it so much better is the way they treat their customers.

Keep up the good work guys!!

~Customer For life~

ive had a similar experience, they are absolutely amazing :slight_smile:

Awesome, I love the customer service of almost all yoyo companies. They are all so great :slight_smile:

One Drop is my favorite company so I’m glad to hear this!

I’m at work right now and my benchmark is sitting all alone, freezing in my mailbox! :’(

Poor little guy…

Can’t open mine tip chirstmas, even sadder :smiley:

ahh yess the “waiting till Christmas” … i even ordered it hahahaha its not a surprise anymore!!! Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the feeling. Give the little guy some extra love when you open the box!!