Customer Service

I feel we are extremely fortunate as yoyoers to have such an amazing industry standing behind us. I’ve received excellant customer service across the board especially and consistently here at YYE.

The reason for my post though is One Drop. I’ve bought over a dozen yoyos directly from One Drop as well as 20+ side effects, string and of course One Drop lube. Yesterday was the first time ever contacting customer service. They responded immediately and issue was resolved instantly. The best part was the final result was better than I ever anticipated.

There is a lot of talk about One Drop on here. I started buying them because they are made in the USA, kept buying them because they make great yoyos that appeal to me and then they throw a cherry on top with world class customer service. I don’t know what the next step is over a fanboy but thats what I am.


I agree completely, they have been very helpful answering questions about some of the vintage One Drops i’ve purchased as well as a bunch I purchased from them.

Can’t ask for a better company.


the only time i had to contact them, I had the same experience. orders are shipped often within minutes too


One Drop is consistently amazing with their customer support :heart:


I think they make you a high priest or something.
They are my Most Excellent Friends (circle R, circle T, oval Tm).


I meant to tag @da5id in this. I’m sure he will appreciate the kind words.


Hey don’t forget @The_Machinist !


I once had to contact customer service because I typed my adress wrong😅.


Oh man, much appreciate the love :slight_smile:


They replaced a Sengoku Hideyoshi I ordered that arrived with pulse vibe and sent a smooth one. That Hideyoshi was the first time I felt like I needed to complain about something I ordered out of many orders (the rest of which were perfect or better), and they fixed it pretty much immediately. I was actually on the fence about complaining, I was gonna just live with the vibe because even though it was vibey it still played quite nice. Sooo glad I said something though, that yoyo’s a daily driver for me now.

Never had any issues with One Drop either, I have 4 and they’re consistently excellent yoyos.