One Drop is Awesome!!!

One drops customer service is out of this world, right next to YYE! I’ve had a couple problems, and emailed them asking for help. Not only did they assist me, but they replaced it, even though they didn’t think it would affect performance. David is super nice, and always responds to emails really quick. And they have super cool team members! This is why I support one drop!!!

Thank you for the support!

I agree! OD customer service is top notch, and David’s help is unparalleled. Just imagine how successful other companies could be if their quality and customer service was even half as good as OD’s.

And it has served them well. I remember when the OG project dropped… They’ve come a long way since then. Their incredible quality and service got them there, not to mention the epic Yoyos.

Totally agree. I had an issue with a OD throw, David replied super quick and sorted everything out. No mucking about, just great customer service.