One Drop Factory

I’ve heard about the One Drop factory in Eugene. Is it possible to go and visit it? Like literally find it’s address and spend like half an hour with the guys and look at their lathes and stuff(stuff meaning “Can I try this out? Omg, a Valor! How much is that?”). My family’s going to Seattle spring break and Eugene is along the way, so I just thought of this.

Not sure if you can visit it, but there are tour videos on YouTube, if you haven’t seen those yet.

Yeah man, they’re open for visitors. Just be sure to give them a heads up before you go. They are closed on weekends.

ive seen the youtube videos, threw up afterwards. DO NOT LIKE shakycams.

Yes you can absolutely come visit us. Just email in advance and make an appointment :slight_smile:

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You’re going to have the best time of your life!

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