If you don't know why onedrop is the best...

…then you’ve never visited them at their factory. Thanks onedrop for showing great hospitality and making great products! Paul was fun to hang out with too!

Did you make any purchases while you were there?

Please tell us of your adventures! Visiting OD is on my “things to do before I die a violent death” list, so I love hearing the stories from guys who have been there. ;D

The floor is yours! Spare no detail, no matter how small or intimate…

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Well, this wasn’t my first trip there. I’ve seen their production process, so I spent more time just talking and checking out their new stuff. Yes new stuff, secret stuff, unreleased stuff, /insert evil laugh. For me this is the coolest part. Seeing what they’re working on and asking questions. There are some creative minds there and I’m always surprised at what they are creating. I won’t spill the beans because I’m sure they have a specific and cool way to roll out the news. They always do, but they’ve hinted at it with social media. I spent a lot of time playing with the ciTizen and trading tricks with Paul which was a lot of fun. He broke down some of his older tricks that were way too fast for a normal human to pick up normally. He is a chopsticks wizard, but showed me some of slack tricks he’s been doing. Of course I had to buy a couple things. Unfortunately I did not bring money for the ciTizen. I wish I had. I was convinced that Ti wasn’t going to be that different but after playing the thing for an hour… Should have brought money for it. No worries though, I left more than happy and had a great time. I recommend everyone pay them a visit. Paul is great with the kids and watching the production process is pretty cool.

How does one get to visit OD and where is it located?

Send them an email and set up a time. They are in Eugene Oregon.

:’( I’m on the east coast…

Then travel to the west coast

Gratuitous and unrelated One Drop love photo!

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Pictures of Valors are always welcome.

I was in Portland last month and I would have loved to make a trip down there but I couldn’t on account of my company’s unwillingness to let me get a rental car…

Gym Kirk, it has always been a pleasure having you stop by the shop! You should stop on by for lunch on your way back!

For sure Paul! But I might have to take a rain check. I don’t think we are coming back on I5. If we do, I will definitely take you up on it.

wish I could. But when I do, I’ll be sure to visit them

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