Part 2 of one drop tour

I just posted part 2 of the one drop video tour at:
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Thanks for sharing this. The machining process is super interesting, and you couldn’t go to a better source for info and a demonstration.

Thanks. As part of a monthly series I’m hoping to get video from different company’s set up.
JuILLY I’m focusing on Ilyy, though not sure if there will be video or text and photos. Plus a couple of reviews.
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Been waiting for part 2. Thanks. so was that the first look at the new yoyo from one drop? Colors At the last 10 sec?

I guess you found out your camera was on…

Man I would love to go to one drop. Maybe someday

Those were just some we picked up from the anodizer on our way down. Not the cascade.
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Bummer… I can’t wait for the cascade. I love one drops.

I’ve yet to actually own a One Drop, but it’s awesome to be able to see how they’re made! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tour- I only been back into yoing for a month but I bought a few OD’s and love them all. My Yo-ing skills might never be able to match what a pro can do with a OD but it sure is nice to own such a well made toy. Nice to see where they are made, I also like to know I own something that is not only awesome but made here in the USA. I buy lots of stuff from China but once in a while in feels good to know your directly supporting folks in Oregon.

Thanks again, enjoyed it.

I think better yoyos make us better players regardless of a person’s level, and can also be equally appreciated.
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