Visiting the Shop

Do you guys get a lot of visitors? Are there any regulars? What can a visitor expect the experience to be like? Do you prefer that people let you know if they’re going to come beforehand?


We LOVE getting visitors. It’s part of the whole yoyo experience we offer. We have always been about showing “How it’s made” and tours/visitors are a key part of that. We get tours all year but there are much more in the summer when people are travelling.

You can expect to get a tour of the machine shop and see how yoyos are made. You can look at/play with our extensive yoyo collection which we call a “playable museum”. You can hang and yoyo with us. If you plan it right, you can join for us for lunch.

We won’t turn you away if you just show up, but the best way to do it is to contact ahead of time and schedule it so that we can be sure to be here for you.


This sounds like real fun! I might have to plan a trip with my oldest in the future!

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I live in Australia, and if I ever get around to travelling to the US I definitely have to go to Eugene. Honestly, I’d probably organise a trip to the US just to visit One Drop!

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