Portland, OR Club?


Does one exist anymore? if not possibly start a new one? Let me know if there’s any interest…


I would try and get in contact with Thomas Keene. He just moved to Portland from Eugene and I heard he was rebooting the Portland yoyo club. If you ever get the chance, you should visit the club in Corvallis as well.


Thanks for the response… Is Thomas Keene on the forum?


I’m pretty sure he is, but I don’t know his user name. He does have a facebook though. You might want to message him there. And I just realized that I mispelled his last name. It’s actually Keane


Ask this guy…



If you get one started or someone does, let me know, I know alot of yoyoers that can go, but we havent all had a meet up before.


I think Jcpdx530 (I think that’s his name) lives in Portland. I’ve dive some trading with him and he seems like a pretty cool guy.


There have been a number of attempts at a yo-yo club in Portland. What it always comes down to is location. We never seem to find a location that is accessible to all at the time of meet up.


I think that’s the main reason we haven’t had a club in a while


Why not just meet downtown somewhere?


Colin Leyland did a meet-up outside the art museum for a awhile.

The real issue is the non-sustainability of the event. Sure, we could motivate X number of people, at one time or another, but there is always a lack of momentum because the numbers are so low. If one or two people miss a week, it dies. Maybe in a city like S.F; or New York, the sheer numbers would be there to sustain the event from week to week. In Portland, there does not seem to be those numbers.


I have access to what I think will be an awesome venue to host a yoyo event/meetup in Portland. I’m new to these types of events, so please send ideas for an agenda. I’ve listed some of mine below. I’ll also reply back when I secure the space (with the name).

Prior to event:

  • Get a sponsor (Otherwise, it’s likely to not be sustainable.)
    • One Drop? You in on this? :slight_smile:
  • Get a venue (Note: It’ll should be a open space that allows a backing track to play.)
  • Get a pro to perform. Paul Dang, you in on this? (This’ll be a motivator for people that are not as good – me.)
  • Collect performance submissions (submittee picks duration of set and backing music)
  • Just in case there are no submissions, there’ll be a single trick performance. Each attendee will know prior to event what this is. This trick will be picked at the end of each meetup.
  • Set up an area to trade and sell yoyos

Event/meetup agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Live performance from a yoyo team member
  • Break to talk to and buy warez from the pro (Show some love.)
  • Open up the floor to people that sent in submissions.
  • Open up the floor to “the trick”. Each attendee can participate and a winner will be chosen by the pro. Based on whatever criteria he/she sees fit.
  • Open discussion (Talk about a new yoyo, manufacturer or style of play.)
  • Vote on next week’s trick

Please send me more ideas or feedback. I feel confident that I can make this happen.


Uri is gonna be in portland the week before worlds and there’s probably gonna be a meet up.