This Yo-yo is BOSS!

Augie Fash Edition!

Looks great! Has some nice numbers too I bet.

Details coming soon.

Awesome! That size looks like an 888 shape.

Happy Throwing! =]

It’s like an 888, but there’s a lot more fat on those rims, which gives even more rim-weight considering the empty inside.

The rims are like a PGM, the body is shaped like an 888, and the blank inside is like a dv888. Throw it all together, you have the BOSS.

Not really.

Whatever its like, I like it.

It looks a little plain

i really like the design.
it is a nice blend of good ideas.
i cant wait for it ;D


Will people stop saying it looks like other yo-yos? It is it’s own yo-yo, every yo-yo is different.

It is beast.

Looks pretty sweet. Like the shape.

Looks amazing

Simplicity is best.

It’s so awesome that they don’t need to make it awesome!

It gives it a nice simple look.

And besides, if a yoyo plays awesome, who cares how it looks?

And you know that this will play awesome.

Jayyo is right. I comepletely agree with him.

I actually think that the white letters on it ruin it. That could be just me, but I think it would have been better without the white.

Low Profile “LIKE A BOSS”

Off-Topic: Don’t you hate it when people verb nouns?

Awesome spin time LIKE A BOSS

I would post the video, but its too inappropriate. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it is Boss.

It looks good on the Blue/gold one (which I’m getting at worlds ;D). But I agree it looks bad on the black one.