This or that? And why?


Raptor or barracuda?

Code 2 or chik?

The ones on the left is what I have. Should I upgrade?
Please only respond if you have tried both. Thank you!!!


Dunno about the Duncan throws.

Code 2 still wins out over Chik in my books and for my preferences. These things are hard to quantify, though… the “why” of it just comes down to “I like it better”. The Code 2 is satisfyingly comfortable in the hand (not that the Chik hurts or anything), is more usable for IRG if you like doing those (which I do), seems to spin more powerfully, and is a hint more stable (due to the width).


I hands-down LOVE my Chik. I think it has a very powerful spin and is very stable. It’s my first OD though, and I’ve never tried a Code 2. It just makes me even more excited to try one.


but if u had to pick one? whats IRG?


IRG= Inner Ring Grinds. A “thumb grind” is one type of these.


Heheh, though it was pretty clear I would pick the Code 2. I like everything about the Code 2 a little better.


ya i love the code 2. so you would say the chik isnt an upgrade? and i shouldnt pursue one?


The Raptor is an amazing performing yoyo. Its not one of those “double the value” yoyos, but it does play for more than it’s worth. Caps in or caps out for different weight and a slightly different play experence.

The Barracuda is just a different but MUCH better play experience. I was surprised at how comfortable it was to play.

In my experience, BOTH will need their bearings cleaned for best performance.

I think the comparison is more Burnside to Chik, but due to the shape, yeah, I can see the Code 2 in the mix. Having all of them, I like the Code 2 the best, but the Chik is no slacker either. With the Yelets and Chik, One Drop shows that can do side effect-based yoyos and keep the price down. I may be alone in my thoughts, but I don’t feel the Burnside feels or plays like it was designed in a manner that keeps the cost down. I also feel the same way about the Chik.

I can’t say anything bad about either. However, the Chik is new for me and I’m not entirely used to all it’s capabilities yet. I’ve also been busy on other projects and other yoyos.

Missed your list. Care to share it again? 7075 Chief, right?

Hard to upgrade. I have a regular Chief and love it. Upgrades are kind of an irrelevant statement when you get to a certain level as far as what you own. It’s a matter of “getting something else that you enjoy”. You’ve listed 1 budget-minded yoyo that’s high on performance(the Raptor), and three very great yoyos. I personally can’t find faults with anything you buy.

Please note, I still buy stuff all over the place. Low cost, high-cost, plastic, metal, whatever. I don’t care. All that matters is that I enjoy it. With that in mind that’s what I advise to you: as long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters.

Please note, I have photos of everything I have. I own a Barracuda, Raptor, Code 2(2), Chik, Burnside(2) and a Chief(4th run).

Too bad you aren’t near me. You could try them all out and see what you like.


Thank you for the detailed and thoughtful answer, I appreciate it. And thank u for the offer of trying ur throws. As far as the 7075 chief goes I’m sold on it and will never let it go. I love the raptor but I don’t know if I should upgrade to a barracuda. And I really don’t see many barracudas around.


The Dunan Raptor and Barracuda don’t play anything the same. I’m not sure if you could say it’s an uprade, but it is for sure a step up.

I don’t worry about popularity. I will say that the Barracuda is on the kind of expensive side, being over $100. of course, Duncan has proven themselves quite capable of producing fantastic yoyos. All I can say I didn’t like about the Barracuda is the bearing, which after cleaning just wasn’t up to my standards, so I swapped it out. After that, it’s a matter of preferences/what you like. Duncan shoved one in my hands at Nationals before I headed out and I was immediately sold on it. There were quite a few throws I tried that day and I later did get all the ones I liked. The Raptor I went to Nationals 2012 looking to buy this, even more so since it had the 2012 Nationals caps in it(plus the regular caps). I can say I was super pleased with my decision. I took this yoyo to Vietnam with me and enjoyed it a lot. I did mostly play my HEX though, but that’s was a choice.

I don’t think you’ll see as many top-dollar Duncans due to the fact that Duncan is heavily associated with inexpensive plastics, even among the yoyo community. I feel that models like the Raptor, Echo and Metropolis, Duncan proves that can make amazing mid-priced/affordable metals that people will really enjoy. The Barracuda is just one of many $100+ models that proves Duncan does in fact know what they are doing. Can’t wait to get a Strix.

I will say the Barracuda is well worth the money, every penny I paid for it! The Raptor wasn’t a slacker either.


None of the yoyos you are considering are “upgrades”, they’re just different options.

Regarding the Chik in particular, it does NOT feel like a “better Code 2”. As Studio42 mentioned, it’s more like an “upgraded” (again, some people might have different tastes!) Burnside.

Certainly if you already have a Code 2, I don’t think you’d get the Chik and say, “This blows away the Code 2.” But you may like it better, who knows? I like the Code 2 better.


The Chik is seriously good


It’s a really good yoyo, for sure! To me, the Code 2 is just that much better. :wink: Your mileage may vary depending on your tastes.

(SR) #14

Okay… but seriously go with with the Barracuda and the Code 2.