This is what I do!

I am a Mod shop. I mod yoyo’s. Here is some of my work.

FH0 with vict rims.

Shinwoo phantom with minimotu rims and the caps cut to fit the rims.

KYO immortalis II pad recessed on one side.

First run metal zero with Buzz-on weight rings and silicone recess with schmoove rings

FH0 with Dark Magic rings.

I’m also a metal artist. I make things out of steel.

Golfer gate.

Tombstone Spiderweb gate.

And my sisters fence that I made.

Phantom is awesome! So is your sisters fence! Great work, keep it up!

wow very impressed.
i love metal work almost as i love woodworking, but i am nowhere near that good with metal.

Yeah I hate wood! Well it hates me so…

Wow. Awesome man. Keep up the amazing work.

Dude. This stuff is so tight! The FH0 Is awesome!

You are an awesome artist!!! ;D


I’d love to be a modder that good, but I’m afraid I’ll mess them up

How much would you charge to completely re-shape a Metal Zero? (Including shipping) About the size of a DV888 (including flat rims) Also recess it and put in some YYF K-Pads? How much would that cost total?


So basically the total cost of:

Re-Shaping to DV888
Polishing if you do that
Pad Recess
YYF K-Pads
MAYBE a KK bearing. But probably not.

Nice work man! On the metal and the yoyos. My favorite is the Phantom!

ME TOO but i dont work metal too often :-[

Your sister’s fence is amazing.