3YO3 Retaps and other mods

Hey guys just a reminder I’m still here and still ready to take on new work!

-siliconing/deepening existing groove/high walling
-retaps using helicoil inserts (stainless steel thread insert, actually had one customer overtighten the yoyo after being helicoiled w a mild steel axle and the axle broke in 2!)
-pretty much anything you can think of (hundreds of yoyos made by hand, 2x world mod contest, degreed engineer)

Sorta irrelevant but I also do CAD design.


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Good to know! I wasn’t sure if you were still around, but I love your work. I have a friend with an axle strip on an arctic circle. I’m going to have him send it to you.

Hey thanks!!

I’ve been modding since 2001 so consider me permanently around haha

Good to know! I’ve been thinking about contacting you. Do you work with wood at all?

I can but really prefer to avoid to haha

Do you mod metals at all? :slight_smile: like changing the shape?

Haha, gotcha. Thanks for responsing my query.

He produces a metal model…

That doesn’t mean he is comfortable with physically changing the shape. To my knowledge he doesn’t hand turn every Al5

I remember reading somewhere that he hand turns his plastics.

However, metal is significantly harder to work with, I doubt too that he would be able to hand turn an Al5, nor do anything extreme to a metal yoyo on a lathe without CAD and the like.

As for modding metals, there are a lot of factors that go into it (thickness of walls, general shape, what practices were used to manufacture that yoyo, etc.) Some I would be able to mod, and others I won’t. I have chopped Pyros to be narrower, changed Peaks to have a narrower gap by bringing the mating face of the bearing deeper into the yoyo, hubs from one metal into another metal (One Drop Project into a YYR), changed A Bearing yoyo to be a D Bearing, deepened response grooves in YYRs to accept flowable silicone, etc.

If you’d like me to mod something, just ask or post and I’ll let you know if it is possible. :slight_smile:

That is impressive. :slight_smile:

Few modders, from what I’ve seen, can really mod metal, and you are doing stuff to metal that is almost unheard of.

Just curious, would you know how to make a highwalled yoyo take Side Effects?

I’ll figure out what else I have that could use a mod and I’ll message you a list and maybe we can do a bulk deal?

Sounds good to me!

Can you do this? Cut down the rims on a dv888 (the flat spot of rims) and replace it with slanted Delrin rims? Like the werrd yoyos with the Delrin rims?

Can you make a freehand zero compatible with a C size bearing?

Yep!! Done it plenty. Just has to be a non-factory or non-previously recessed yoyo.

I could but no guarantee it’s going to be smooth after haha

How much would it cost?

Maybe you should take this to a PM for price negotiations.

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Just a bump to let you all know we’re still here!!! PM me for mod & re-tap inquiries