metal zero mods?

If i were to get a metal zero, what mods wouild be good??
i will appriciate any constructive advice given.
thanks a bunch!! :smiley:

you could

1 silicone recess it
2 satin
3 schmoove

shoomve? could you please define that??

a schmoove is like making a small ring across the surface of a yoyo to allow for smoother grinds and less friction. it can be done with a sharp object

That’s not what a schmoove is.

It is making a ring in the inner wall of the yoyo, which supposedly helps for suicides and can be used for another recess.

A clean bearing and 1 Duncan Silicone Sticker should work nicely! ;D

oh. So what was i talking about?

You said it was on the surface of the yoyo (not the walls) to help for grinding.

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