Metal Zero Mods?

Does anybody know of any ways to mod a Metal Zero? (Example, make it unresponsive, I don’t know, make stuff up!)

Also, this is off topic, but wouldn’t it be crazy if we made a SUPER MOD POST!!! We could list every yo-yo we could think of and list what mods are possible with it. That would be crazy, but HARD!

You could probably get some pads of some kind for it.

For that it would better to list some mods and underneath each one put each yoyo that would work with that mod.

What are those weird pad thingys on it now? They’re wearing, so I might try to put YYF K-Pads on it…

Friction stickers. They’re in many if not all Duncans.

Oh, OK. Does anybody know of any way to take these out so I can put K-Pads in?

Take a stick pin or something with a needle and poke it and pry it out.

What are the best pads to put in to make it unresponsive if I replace the pads? Also, would it be better to silicone recess it?

I’d recess it.

Satin it. Paint it?

I’d pad recess it and put in some chaz pads or some difs.

How do you pad recess it? I might flat rim it just for looks…

EDIT: I also will probably satin it and who knows? Maybe I’ll paint it!

i have one that is satined and silli recessed and it has a new bearing( one that has a small s engraved on it?) and it plays better than my speeder ;D

im getting one in the next few days, will silicone it on my lathe.

Get it recessed. I’d do it for $5, but I only do jobs for people within my state.

Silicone recess? Schoove?

Both could be good ideas, but if you are asking if they’re the same thing, they aren’t. Silicone recess is cutting into the yoyo so that you can put in flowable silicone, or maybe even an o-ring if your recess is the right size. Schmooving is putting a recess similar to the silicone recess but farther from the center to take away weight from the center of the yoyo as well as to take away some friction from the string.

You could put silicone, hubstacks, kk bearing, ION BOND (to make it jet black, looks good with white hubstacks), laser engrave

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