freehand zero

never modded anything before but the response pads came out of my freehand zero and i have no clue what to do. anyone help?

Buy new pads. Then peel and stick.

Yep, no need for mods.

Get the Duncan sili pads. They last longer.

Or dif pads.

which size duncan ones works? lookin at silicone because the ones it came with were supppppper responsive.

The stickers wont really change the responsiveness TOO much. Clean your bearing if you want it to be unresponsive.

ok, so i took the stickers off because the second i got it and threw it, it came back up. i couldnt even do tricks. it worked for like 20 minutes where i could do binds to make it come back up after the sticker was off, but now its like the sort of sticky area that was there is worn out. so i need stickers to put in the place of the old stickers that will be not too responsive, but good enough to bind.

Duncan silicone stickers and Dif pads both fit the bill.

You want the 12 mm ID size (sili pad).

Also, if it’s too responsive, only use one sticker/pad. Taking both pads out makes the yoyo not work at all. Yoyos need response to impart the energy of the throw to the spin. No pads, no spin. It basically falls off the string.

If you put one dif pad in it’s totally unresponsive.