I have a metal zero and im having trouble grinding! any ideas?

Whenever i grind, my yoyo either spins out of control or dies really fast! am i doing something wrong?

Do you have dings in it?

well i have one or two small ones from when i had a string break… would that effect the grind?

Probably not.I would try working on your throw for a bit.

ok ill try and see what happens, wait quick question im ordering a dark magic, are they better for grinding?

Well,in my opinion they are much better for grinding,and everything else.I honestly don’t like Metal Zeros for anything.

hahaha ok im getting the dark magic and i think that should help me progress a lot faster

The metal on the metal zero isnt really the best ever.

But one thing I did with mine that made it grind a ton better was to give it a Satin Finish.

To satin a yoyo is quite easy actually.

All you need is some sand paper (Finer grit the better).

Take the bearing out of the yoyo (to prevent micro metal getting into it) and start sanding the surface of the yoyo.

Do this gradually on each part of the yoyo surface, and try not to make heavier sanding on a different part of the yoyo.

Do this to both sides and then when everything looks even, try a grind.

You will find that the yoyo will grind much better.

Now keep in mind that this will change the appearance of the yoyo. The yoyo wont have that shiny look that is has now, and instead will be a duller grey color.

But if grinding is what you want, its a great option.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

And feel free to ask me or any of the guys here on any other questions you may have.


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Oh yeah, thats right.
I think I will now satin finish my broken metal zero, and maybe paint it,just for fun.

ok! wow i never would have thought of that, thanks!