This is the Boston marathon terrorist attack thread. 4/15/13


Everybody, pray for the boston bombing. Please.


Please please please…

My cousin is missing…

Please pray…

(G2 Jake) #3

Will do


I hadnt heard of this, just looked it up though. Still not really sure what it is though I have an idea. What is wrong with this world, my school was half absent today and we had 10 cops from a shooting threat. Last year we had 6 bomb threats.

(Owen) #5

Sure thing,

Matt, hope your cousin turns up :frowning:


I just wanted to say if any people in Boston massachuetts that I hope your doing okay about the explosions at marathon. I hope if any of you people know who was running it I hope there okay. Anyways I I’m praying for ya guys! It’s a shame what happened to the people at the marathon.


He’s okay!! He called and he’s totally fine! Thanks for all the prayers!

(JET) #8

This is the Boston marathon terrorist attack thread pledge reply to this with a pray for the Americans lost, thank you.

(JET) #9



Why so many tragedies? Why?


one who died was a little 8 year old. such a long life ahead of them… :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

(Owen) #12

Oh good!


What happened!!!


Breaths normally again. Glad to hear it!


Just checked it out on CNN.

So sorry to anyone injured, PRAY PRAY EVERY DAY!!!


I know many of you live in the Boston area.

our prayers go out to all you in the eve of the tragic events of today. :frowning:




Same, especially those who has lost a loved one.


sounds like you goto an inner city school in Chicago… This is so horrible 2 dead over 100 injured and almost 25 of those injured had to have amputations…


I can’t imagine what would cause a person to do something like this.