Need some prayer. (Please don't leave rude comments it's the last thing I need.)

Well today started out as any normal day would have… Who would of thought that today I would cry more then I have in years.

It started out with me and my brother’s plans falling through and he got ticked and got into a fight with my parrents and that sucked.

So then I was asked to go help move a treadmill from a women’s house (Who I’ve trusted all my life and helped.) and everything goes fine until we get the treadmill out the door and then all heck broke loose.

She started to tell me, my dad, and my mother that me and my brother lied to her and we had wild parties well house sitting at her house. (We had three people and play simi loud music. Which I said we did. But she claimed we did more.) So then she says she wanted to talk to my brother (Who stayed at home still frustrated off from the fight.) and my mom said not to come talk to him tomorrow. And then she started yelling at me and my parents. So we left the treadmill in her garage and went home.Then we talked, cried, and shouted…

I have never been stabbed in the gut like that before and I feel knocked down after the house’s sale fell through (and now I want to move more then ever…).

Someone I trusted,helped out, and loved as a friend goes up and stabs me not in the back but right in the gut.

Me and my family could use some prayer…

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Let me first say that I know exactly what this is like. I literally had some things like this happened to me recently, people I truly thought were my friends who I helped out in life suddenly stab me in the back. And it made me really sad, then very angry, and it made me feel like I couldn’t trust anyone anymore, made me lash out at people, really, it messed things up, and Im still getting over it to this day.

One thing to remember is that you did nothing wrong. This person is a jerk and its sad that they ended up doing this, but its something that we can’t dwell upon, as it will just bring us down to rotten hay.

In life we will have many things that are tough, and its the same for every single person out their in the world. But we also must remember that God has a plan for our entire life, and while we may not see the big picture as to why something has to happen, its all part of the ultimate plan. And we just gotta have faith for the future to know that for everything we experience, it will be turned to something good, even if we can’t see what it is. Sometimes you just have to believe.

The pain of what happened today will last a bit, but it will go away in time, I know this.

I will be praying for you and your family as I am sure many others here will as well.
You got allot of people who are here for you man, don’t worry about that.

Keep faith, pray about it yourself, And who knows, maybe this person was having a super hard day and is gonna realize how wrong it was and come apologize, you never know. But something good will happen out of all of this even if you can’t see it.

Sometimes you just have to choose to do so.

Well be praying for you man.

God Bless.



It’s easy to say that the lady is a jerk, but you never know what’s going on in her life. I know it would be hard to do, but you should pray for her.

Keep positive and keep the faith!

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I know she is having a rough time (Won’t get into gossip.) and I am praying for her. I would like to grab onto some kind of friendship out of it but I feel it will never be the same sadly.

Me…I’m more of a revenge type of guy….I say a bag of burning dog poop on her front step will make you feel better……

I’m really sorry this happened to you bro. That doesnt seem fair at all. Just know that you have a friend right here (in fact all of YYE) who supports you ;). I’ll be praying for you and that woman…

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Dear lord let this mans life/throwing get better. Amen.HURRAY FOR A PASTORS SON ;D
no joke dude hope you get better.

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Are you the the kind of guy who knocks on my door to spread the good word?

Eh no. I won’t shove my faith down your throat but I’ll tell people who ask. I’ll leave the door knocking to the… Wait I better not offend any one. =\

Lol. :smiley: I’m not the type but still sounds funny.

Well today I feel better. I feel better knowing now that it has to be her lashing out not me and my brothers fault because she claimed that we “Were drinking beer and had girls over.” (We didn’t.) which if you know me that’s the biggest joke you’ve ever heard.

Al i can say is wen ur life feels like crap, just yoyo and ull feel better.

True. I’ll keep that in mind for later. I feel much better as of now. ;D

Stay off this blog. People who need to air their dirty laundry for some kind of validation on a public forum tend to be of mental instability, have no friends, have boundary issues, no self confidense, and may become a threat. No offense to the mentioned blogger.

Work like you don’t need the money.

Love like you’ve never been hurt.

Dance like nobody’s watching.

Singlike nobody’s listening.

Live like it’s Heaven on Earth.
mark twain quate right there.
Also turn the other cheek (a lesson offten forgot when clouded by feelings.) for real though life is messy, I hope you figure it out. Remember to forgive first, then go from there.
As well as I hope you learned your lesson about watching someones property. Because the truly sad thing would be if you didn’t learn from this incounter. In my eyes there truly are not mistakes untill you repeat one. :wink:

Thanks bro. :wink:

I was asking of my friends for prayer. Not asking anything of you.

you’ll be in my prayers, trace.

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Gotcha back, man.
Even if I was a bit confused about what you said, I’ll pray anyway

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