Urgent Care.

My brother is going in for urgent care.

Right now.

Saying a prayer for him.

Care to share any more details?

That’s horrible… :’(

wish him the best of luck! praying he will be fine! again some info would be appreciated ???

Thanks guys!

It’s not too bad, he got bit in the mouth by our dog, totally unexpected.

He got a massive gash on his lower lip-ish area.

I hope it turns out well.

OW :’(

Hope he gets Better soon and it isn’t that bad.

Yeah, I do too.

Aww man…

Worse than expected.

He’s has to be operated on,

he has like four holes or something like that, couldn’t understand too well over the phone.


prayers are great. :slight_smile:

Will pray Bud :frowning:

Oh wow, that’s horrible.

I’ll definantly be praying for him.

Btw he’s ManofMystery, sooo, if you want to send him Pm’s about praying for him, that’d be great. :slight_smile:

Ah, change of plans for some reason.

He didn’t need to be operated on.

He got nine stitches, now he needs to recover.

Man, sounds painful. Hope he gets better soon.

He took the pain very well. He’s almost home, he needs to get his prescription.

glad to hear he’s starting recovery. sending good thoughts, positive vibes, etc. your way. sounds like your bro is very brave :slight_smile:

Very much so. :slight_smile:

He’s 11 also, it’s incredible how well he’s taking this.

Im so glad to hear he didnt need to be operated on! Im praying for his speedy recovery

Yeah. It hurt.
I’m OK now though.
I only had to get like, 9 stitches. :wink:

Also, I knew that you would reveal my age sometime.

Why does your age matter?