Dodged a bullet, sorta


Well, I’m packing for ym Disneyland trip, and of course, my in-laws have to one-up everything.

One of my sisters in law was at this kind of a death prayer thing for I think the sister of a friend or something. I’m not sure what the tie in was. Anyhow, at the event(which was after 11PM, btw), some idiot decides to stick a gun over the fence and spray bullets into the people there. She got the worsed of it, getting hit in the liver, lungs and diaphragm. Fortunately, this was like practically in the backyard of a major trauma center, but it is ALSO near an elementary school. The close distance is probably what saved her life, but the bullet did enter AND exit, so she got nailed hard. Another indivdual got hit in the legs twice, and a third indvidual just got grazed in the arm.

As you can tell, she’s going to survive. I was back home by 00:30. That was FAST. Anyhow, I still have a vacation to go to, as my wife is insisting, although I’m suggesting we prioritize some other issues(like what just happened).

Police delivered the good news to us in the ER waiting room. The motive appears to be gang related. This doesn’t make sense, only because the sister in law isn’t in a gang, but I can’t say what the status is of some of the people she associates with as I don’t have a clue. Asian gangs…

Anyhow, wish her the best. My trip is ruined. I don’t really want to go.

For the trip, loaded up the kids with yoyos so I wouldn’t have to deal with dead batteries. Better than having to deal with what I expected to be was a dead sister in law. Yoyos proved to be a wonderful distraction. I know this is NYYR stuff, but hey, I call it as I see it.

Happy endings, so to speak. I’m emotionally drained.

LEARN: Learn who your friends are. AVOID bad people and avoid problem situations. There’s too much stupidity and violence running rampant.


Though emotionally drained from my own problems, gangs are not one of them in Michigan… Anyways, I hope you can see the light at the end of the tunnel


Wow! Crazy story.

Sounds like everyones going to be alright though.

And that’s the main thing.


Maybe whoever was shooting was high or was trying to kill someone else?

But it’s a good thing everyone is still alive.


Most likely. I know she wasn’t the target, it wasn’t her regular location.

Saw her on the 18th before we left for the trip. She was, all things considered(considering the bullet when THROUGH her, damaging innards on it’s non-stop trip to the wall), looking fairly good. She’s gonna be in the ICU for a week. She’s got a lot going for her: She’s a fighter and she’s in good physical condition. Now to get her to mellow and let herself rest and recover for a bit.

So, yes,the good news is that everyone WILL be alright.

I gotta lot of other garbage at my house that keeps me fairly well on edge most of the time. I did NOT need this.

I’m planning on hitting the hotel lobby nightly to get in some yoyo’ing just to try to unwind after my day at Disneyland and get rid of other emotional baggage. We arrived safely today. My eldest has her ONE and her Shinwoo LOOP. The boy has his BRAIN and his ONE. I have an Matterhorn Avalanche, Relic Code 1, DM2 and Speeder 2. I almost need a vacation from my vacation.

I’ll be better once I am back home and get a few nights good sleep without this other garbage going on. Thank goodness for the yoyo, because I can’t carry a 400-pound audio console everywhere I go!

(JonasK) #6

It’s a sick and twisted world we live in. All i can say.


Dude so sorry about her and your vacation!

Best wishes-Mr. Yoyoguy


She’s been out of the hospital less than a week after getting perforated.

I’m impressed.


now, I never understood the right to have firearms.

for one people saved by having a firearm, how many others died stupidly?

not looking for a debate here, I just throw this out there and be gone, no need to reply as it was a rhetorical question.


I know you said that it wasrhetorical but im going to answer you anyway

The gun laws were in the constitution because back then during the American Revolution our founding fathers wanted to build a constitution in favor of the people. So they put in the right to bare firearms so that regular people would volunteer to fight against the british.

But now that all that revolutionary mumbo jumbo is over i think that there should be an amemdmet that makes
thelaws way stricter. The gun laws are the reason why we are having so much violence. But people insist that they need protection -_-


Was that a pun?


thank god she’s ok. that could have been ALOT worse in 2 ways.

1: more people could have been shot, or it could have been more serious

2:yo-yos could have been shot. sniffle




I’m pretty sure there weren’t any yoyos there.

But, yes, it could have bee more serious. If a trauma center wasn’t practically right around the corner, my sister in law most likely wouldn’t have made it. I’m wrong on the times, but I had to find the police logs to get more information. My sources(her brothers and sisters) are not reliable or accurate.

I myself have had experience with THOUSANDS of guns. I’ve personally only laid my hands on a handful of guns and only ever fired 2 guns. I’m not a fan of myself owning a gun and never will, but those are opinions before this incident. I’m not AGAINST gun ownership, but I am in favor of RESPONSIBLE gun ownership, which is where the problem typically lies. But even so, not so long ago, a police officer was cleaning his weapons at his house when one of his children grabbed one of the weapons and was injured by it. Turns out it wasn’t a gunshot, it was the gun landing on their foot. OUCH! Even responsible gun owners can have issues, and it’s how far do we go in the due diligence to safeguard that the weapons can only be used with the consent of their owners and otherwise be rendered in an unusable state to anyone else? Trigger locks, locks that go through barrels and where the shell ejects, locks that go through where the magazine enters and the shell ejects. However, my main experience with firearms has been through audio capture sessions for motion pictures and sound effects libraries. While offered the opportunity countless times to not only hold, but to fire rare and in some cases priceless weapons, I really never had any interest.

No, I won’t ever own a gun. I was even contemplating air rifle as a hobby, but I decided it was too expensive to start up and then it’s just not practical for my environment, what with dogs and kids nearby. I do have a recurve bow, and granted it’s only a 35 pound pull, but that’s a lot of power. But in my mind, firing at anything other than an actual target is just repugnant. I haven’t used the bow in years, yet I still have it. It’s wood too, not some fiberglass junker.

As I understand it, gangs are just fighting for territory they don’t actually own, in order to try to make it safer for THEMSELVES in an area to commit other crimes. Stupid compounded by stupid

I don’t want to take guns out of the hands of people either, but do we all need assault rifles? Seriously! The thing is, for every act of stupidity and violence done with the use of a firearm, how many RESPONSIBLE gun owners are made to look bad as a result? The stigma by association.

You never hear of people going to the hospital because of a yoyo, although clearly some of us have due to yoyo-related injuries. Clearly, it’s not worth enacting yoyo control laws and yoyo permits.


personally, i think most injuries by yoyo are caused by a dice counterweight more than the yoyo. thats what happened to me. therefore i will ALWAYS prefer bouncy balls over dice. on the other hand, i see what you mean. people should not be able to get a gun license so easily, and everybody should just yoyo. that would be a perfect world. but its not. stuff like this happens, and you just gotta hope for the best.


Bummer Studio, just goes to prove that nothing good happens after midnight. The right to bear arms yourselves was a right given to Americans so they could defend themselves from their governments. It wasn’t mean’t to be an anger management tool. This comment of mine is my own personal opinion. If it offends others on this site then (because it’s sorta political in nature and also because of the demographics of this site), mods can feel to delete it. I’m Canadian.


Well, any tool that can be created for the best of intentions can usually be used just as easily for the worst of intentions.

Anyhow, the time was around 9PM, not 11PM, when the incident. I mean, if I’m at the hospital at 11:30PM… But that’s not critical.

Anyhow, saw the sister in law today, under circumstances that are sad but fortunately aren’t bad for her, so to speak. She’s got some sort of tube coming out from her and is having some issues with moving, but is otherwise fine.

As far as your point of view, well, that’s yours and you’re entitled to it. I can’t say I disagree.

All I really care about is that my sister in law is doing fine. I can only hope that the idiot who sprayed bullets gets the justice that is owed to them, preferably by being caught and incarcerated. But the odds are justice will be done in the street but through non-related reasons.

I mean, it seems with yoyos, we only end up hurting ourselves. It’s pretty much a victimless crime.


Do not take any thank you’s made by me in this thread serious.


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