I'm having a really bad day... D"X

Hey guys…

two things happened today.

  1. my 7075 chief was dropped (thankfully no damage but oh well)

  2. My cousin tried to commit suicide as i was texting her.

I you all could just keep her in mind or just give a quick prayer, i would be eternally gratefull.

Thanks guys for being the best forum out there.

Sorry for your troubles my friend.

Inh prayers for sure
I hope you do better now okay?

Will do.

thank you guys so much.

I’m still not sure if she is alive or not. Only time will tell. (She live about 1000 miles from where I live)

Once again, THANK YOU ALL.

You guys are like family.

that’s what the yoyo community like, if one of us falls we help them back up.

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That drew a tear. Thank you.

your welcome man

im praying right now.

I haven’t heard anything from her for over five hours. Things don’t look good at all.

My lord, did you try to call her?!

Ok she is in the hospital and is just fine now.

Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

Namaste all.

Thank god…

I know that feel man, I lost a friend the same way last year. Times get tough. Don’t let it get to you, things will be all right. Even if she doesn’t pull through, maybe it’s a better place for her.

God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. Push it through :slight_smile:

Yeah i had my other cousin pass in service in Iraq so i know the feeling…

I was really scared she might reincarnate in a worse situation so thank goodness she is ok now…

Lesson learned: Life is valuable. LIVE it!

My uncle died this morning man, found him dead. I know what you’re feeling dude, but don’t even worry about it man, as long as she’s okay she’s got a chance!

My condolences go to you friend…


As am I.