What would you do if you only had one arm?

Based off of the movie “Soul Surfer”

What would you do if you only had one arm? Would you continue to yoyo? Give up? Learn 1 Handed String tricks? Do looping? Anything! I would probably try and do 1 Handed string tricks and loop. How about you?

buy bionic arm and continue yoyoing

Make due with what you got… i would take up looping ;D

…learn to bind with my tongue…

I would just replace my hand with a bionic hand but it wont be as sensitive and reflex as an arm though.

I’m kind of in this boat right now I have a broken wrist and can’t use my left arm and I haven’t really yoyoed since I broke it I can’t wait till I can yoyo again…

Maybe learn wrist mounts. :wink:

Looping, definataly, I should seriously start learning but it hurts, :’(

I would start using my feat and then become the best thrower in the nation, then, the world! Or just my backward… either way I’d be happy!

I tried it… Not fun.

My first reaction would be, “Oh god, what happened to my arm?”.

Once I got over the initial shock of just…losing my arm, I would have to relearn all of my daily tasks using only one arm. Including dressing myself, shaving, and relearning bathroom etiquette. From there, I would maybe start a support group for people in my same position. We could have meetings at the YMCA every third Wednesday of the month. We would assign one person to bring snacks, and another to bring drinks. Obviously non alcoholic, considering it IS they YMCA. Once we establish friendships with one another, perhaps we could meet each other’s families, and let them trade secrets on how to make our lives easier. Considering I am single, and probably one of the younger members of the group, I will probably take to hitting on Raymond’s daughter. Because, I mean, have you seen her? We would go out on dates, and I eventually meet her entire family. Her Uncle Billy finds it funny to try and make me shake his hand with my left hand, which would be fine, if it wasn’t attached to the arm that I had lost. I go insane, and break up with her on the spot, running home to cry in my bedroom. As the memories of that event flash into my mind over and over again, I fall into a deep spiraling depression. Thoughts of suicide run through my mind, but then I realize, “I’m alright!”. Only to laugh at the unintentional joke I made. Ths laughter has reassured me that I am going to be okay, and that I can finally interact with the world as I once had. As I come out of my room for the first time in years, I see that nuclear war has broken out across the United States. As radioactive refugees try to seek my help, I must fight them off. Using any weapons I can find, I attack them. They try to arm drag me, but obviously that doesn’t work. As I fight my way out of the final radioactive hoardes, I find my love, but alas, she is dead. I must move on, otherwise I will die from the Nuclear Fall Out. As the feelings re-arise for my lost love, I become weak. All of this is just to much for my soul to handle. Everyone in the world is mutated but me, and my only love is now gone forever. But I continue to make progress. I come upon an old Recreation Center. I step inside to see some normal, un-mutated refugees. Among them, my past love? I run to her, questioning who I saw. “That was my evil twin!” she says as we embrace. But before I can tell her about my undying love for her, I am shot. They saw my lack of an arm, and thought I was one of the mutated. As I fall to the ground, my love drops with my, tears flooding her eyes. She assures me that it will be okay, that it is only a bullet, but I know all to well that my life has come to an end. And I give her one last kiss before I close my eyes forever.

And that’s what I would do if I only had one arm.


Dear Q, I love you


Q for president

[b]Admin Edit: Raph you know better than to put that. Don’t do it again. This isn’t the time and definitely not the place!


Dubayou tee eff? Q! I think I peed a little I laughed so hard.

A lot of plastic whips

Just be nubbin it

I like the foot one. Now look and compare your post to the quote carefully… I just had to do it, it was bothering me…

But I think yoyoying with the assistance of a door knob is the next big thing.

ever think about becoming a writer Q? slightly annoying but good nonetheless lol

Well… that was a pretty lame spelling mistake! Oh well I’ll just be all the better for it! “Yoyofoot,” I do believe that great minds think alike, and furthermore doorknobs would be intense…

I just had a thought! I would gather the rest of the people in this thread and we would form a coalition of one armed throwers who, together, would create a machine, to join together and become… some hideous monstrosity. He would however have really insane Yoyo skills!

Everybody, lets all chop, bite, or pull our arms off…After all, it’s for a good cause :wink:

How is Nuclear Fallout a good cause?  Did you not read what I said at all?

I am a bit of a writer.  I write scripts for short films.  This is just one of the ones that I have done, crappiest quality, but has the best storyline in my opinion.