Giving away collection to first post due to loss of all limbs in shark attack.



I about threw my computer when i read this -.-

^-^ these pranks lighten up my day somehow…


I didn’t get it. :-\ If I lost an arm, I’d just throw a lot of sleepers instead, play responsive, learn 2A. No need to quit if you still have an arm left. :smiley:

If I lost my legs, THEN I’d be in trouble.
Stupid yoyo always hits the ground!

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two words:

Bar stools :smiley:

One word: Bladeyoyoer


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You could probably still yoyo with an ear. Shoot, with some practice, you could probably use both ears and do 3a. Quit being such a defeatist. :smiley:

lol, my ears would fall off.

In that event… Give away your collection only after exhausting all avenues.

I wouldn’t dare doubt it could be done after seeing this. Made me cry…inspirational:

This guy has no limbs…