9/11 remembrance

It was indeed a foul day in 2001. I plan on going to a service tomorrow. I lost several distant relatives that day.

It doesn’t really seem like it’s been 10 years already. I was in a middle school classroom when I heard the news. Didn’t really know what was going on…

I was 3, in a doctors office, everyone in the room started screaming and crying, I of course did not understand.

Doesn’t seem like a whole decade ago already. I was 6 in first grade when It happened
I kind of wish I was born earlier. I never really knew anything but a post 9/11 world.

My thoughts will be with those who lost relatives on 9/11.

I remember my parents pulled me out of third grade around noon that day… I too had no idea what was happening until my parents had the news on that night and I could see the destruction. In a way it seems like it was ages ago, but at the same time, it seems like it happened so recently. Just watching some of the footage again on the news today brought chills down my entire body. Luckily no one in my family was hurt that day, although my dad was supposed to be in New York that day.
My thoughts and prayers stay with everyone who was affected by that horrible day.

One of my classmates revealed that her brother missed one of the flights that were hijacked by about 5 minutes. 5 minutes can be the difference between life, and death.

I was in preschool :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Wow…thats pretty incredible. Even though I live in New York City, I was only 3 at the time so I don’t remember it even with it being so close to me.

I completely know what you mean. I don’t really have any memories from before that time, so the world after the 9/11 attacks is really the only world I know. I’ve wondered what it would be like to have been old enough to remember the attacks, and to know how other people feel who did have a world before the attacks.

I send my regards to anyone whose family or friends got killed or injured in the 9/11 attacks.

I remember when this happened.
I was 9 years old.

And I was homeschooled so me and my parents were watching what was going on on the tv.

You know, Its not that I didn’t want to feel bad for what was happening, I wanted to realise the severity of what was happening, but I remember watching it, and finding it interesting, and even funny.

I don’t know why, and to this day I always feel bad that I thought like that. And even at the time I knew I should have felt bad or sad or something, but I just couldn’t.

I don’t know.

Tomorrow will indeed be a day of remembrance for all.

You were nine. most of us ‘younger folk’ felt any amount of severity in what happened.

I recall that day.

Typical day. I was in my apartment. Me and my pug. We get up, he goes outside to potty, I do mine. I pour my cereal, dog is inside on the couch sitting next to me. Turn on the TV…

I was thinking this was a hoax. Recently, there had been some hoax news stories being reported, even a few hijacked broadcasts, so I was thinking the same batch of jerks were trying to pull something of epic proportions. But, it’s on all the networks, ALL the news channels. It was on a lot of other stuff. Bring p my main PC, it’s on MSN. At the same time, the press was taking heat for reporting these fakes as real and for all the other recent problems with journalistic integrity. To help add to the confusion of real vs. fake, the coverage was a bit gritty, a bit “too” raw and a bit “over the top”. All the flags for hoax were there except for the fact that the REAL brand name talking heads were reporting it, and it would be doubtful they would get in on the action like that.

At this point, there’s nothing for me to do. I’m late for work so to speak anyways. My office is like half a mile down the road, anyways. I call my father at the office(I work under him), and he’s confirming this is real. I call my then girlfriend(now wife) and inform her of what’s going on. She’s at school 35 miles away.

The dog was happy that day. I was in the apartment with him all day. Of course, he goes almost where-ever I go anyways, so he’s just more thrilled he gets to be on his own turf: more access to the porch on my ground level apartment for his bathroom. Didn’t go to work that day. Saw the 2nd jet hit live on TV. Saw everything as it came in. Saw the towers come crashing down. I wasn’t really able to digest all the stuff I’m seeing. I recall the skies going quiet. I recall the streets getting quiet, and I’m clear across the country. But the skies getting quiet, you don’t realize how much air traffic there is until it gets really quiet.

I also recalled the failed attack years earlier in the underground parking structure as I turned on the TV. I remember thinking “they finally got around to finishing the job they tried to start”, immediately making the association to terrorists. Even with just the one incident at this point, I knew this wasn’t some sort of “accident”. Accidents aren’t that precise.

But I also think how have we really resolved anything? We seemed to make a tie to Al Qada, Osama bin Laden, and decided to eye Iraq as a scapegoat and excuse to do a regime change. We managed to upset the delicate balance of chaos in the middle east with the toppling of Hussein, the fall-out being felt now with the current uprisings in other parts of the Middle East, most notably right now with Lybia and Egypt, throwing the region into further chaos. We have effectively murdered bin Laden, which is just going to result in Al Qada finding someone even more irrational than bin Laden taking over and being more ruthless and bold, but probably not as clever.

We’re being inconvenienced more and more due to the actions of a very small number of individuals. The enhanced metal detectors, taking our shoes off, the scatter-screening, and kids being felt up by TSA workers. Our luggage gets ransacked more than before. It’s not long before we’re gonna get naked, walk through a metal detector, an X-ray, a CT scan and then exit after hearing a snapping glove, told to bend over, cough and get violated all without even as much as a pack of peanuts for compensation. Man, airport security is a cheap date.

What’s important is that we move forward. We don’t need to be hateful, we can forgive if we want, but we should not forget. In my narrow point of view, I cannot find such justification for any of this action. If you have to resort to terrorism, then really, you don’t have anything worth listening to in the first place. Killing innocent people doesn’t really do anything productive except bring a whole lot of hostility down upon yourself.

The only hope is that the terrorists will die, either of old age or through acts of terrorism. The next generation will have less motivation to go that route as they see what happens to those that come before them.

I could never remember were I was when it happened, but when i got the news i was eating pancakes… really good pancakes. When I heard about at that time, I never really grasped how significant it was.
Studio 42 makes a point to. Security is kind of redicules. They seem to be one step behind the terrorists. A man puts a bomb in a water bottle, they stop letting you bring water bottles. A man puts a bomb in his underpants, they start doing patdowns…

I remember when we could just hang around in airport terminals and watch planes land and wait for people at the gate

I was close to being one. My aunt called my mom and told her to turn on the tv. She did.
When she turned it on, the South Tower just collided down.
Its sad to see that when the fire fighters went up there and ended up dying.
It was also sad to see the people that were interviewed say that they called their husbands/ wives say their last goodbye. Sad stuff :frowning:

I also could barely remember when it happened. I was 6. My dad was on a airplane (in the southwest) but I was so scared that that was him on the plane. I couldn’t imagine the pain that and suffering these families had to go through… It really just sucks. My Prayers and Thoughts to them. Also it always touches me just how brave and courageous those men and women who tried to help. And it really saddens me that some died trying to help. Whats also bad is that there is more killing and suffering that comes after it, as Studio42 said. Even innocent Middle Eastern people are now treated poorly and looked down upon. I was going to Africa and I saw a few Middle Eastern people get on. I kinda was scared cause I haven’t rode in airplanes a ton. But right after we took off I felt horrible, cause that’s really is just racist.

And yes, airport security is kinda getting awkward. But all of this is to protect us. Yes, I know all about the touching of the children which I dont get myself. I wouldn’t take my kids (if i had some) just for that reason. But the sad thing is people will actually make kids carry bombs. Horrible aint it.
But if airport security gets so bad as to “bend over”, i’ll just drive. But until then, I can handle the scans, soft touching, and baggage check (although some of my stuff went missing last time so im kinda rethinking the last one lol) as long as I get to my destination safely.

But back to the point, my thought and prayers to all the families and people that were affected by 9/11. And my heart goes out to you <3

I was 18 when it happened.

It really sucks that so many innocent people died, it sure left a huge scar in american society. And yep, airport security was much more relaxed before then.

But, I can’t help but think that the American leaders brought it on themselves. America does so much meddling in other countries’ affairs, something like this was bound to happen sooner or later.

I wouldn’t blame “the terrorists”, I’d blame your leaders.

I was at work on the upper east side…lost some friends and family that day…

I can barely remember…I was 3…and a few days out of the week I stayed with my grandma. one day she took me to the lake and when we arrived there was no one, not a single person. so we call my mom, who was by this time in tears saying terrorists had flown planes into the twin towers. at that time I had no clue what this ment. now, I am 13 and every9/11 I watch those shows on history and can only imagine the pain, fear, and hurt all of the people in America felt. All of those lives lost for what. To prove a point?
R.I.P all of those who lost lives on 9/11.

one of my dads best friends was on the 80th floor 55 secs. before the plane hit.he got off work and was just on the 77th when the plane hit. he did survive!

I want to express my condolences on this subject. I can’t imagine what it must feel like for Americans. I am truly sorry for anyone at all affected by this.