Never forget 9/11

Today is September 11.

The day the terrorist attacked the World Trade Center.

Never forget.

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12 years seem to fly by

I forgot… :’(

weren’t you like a 1 yr old when it happened? Lol i was in third grade. I remember school locking down and everything.

I was about to say I don’t even think he was alive…

Stop makin fun o me!

I was 1 ;D and proud of it!!!



Not makin fun of ya buddy. I just found it disrespectful that your telling us to ‘never forget’ something that you dont remember.


I actually found that slightly amusing…

Thats what everyone says…

I just found it a little disrespectful that you actually made a grammatical error in what should have been a very serious post. Just sorta looks like you didn’t put much thought into it. I think generally most people who were very young at the time of the attack have less respect for the event than others. That being said, I was 3 at the time, so you really shouldn’t listen to anything I say regarding 9/11.

Yeah I was almost 3. I completely appreciate the seriousness of the day, but it’s always kinda funny when someone tries to make a serious post and fails. And when they were like 1…