9/11 never forget

today marks the anniversary of one of the most heinous attacks on U.S. soil. The world trade center was hit by two planes and many lives were lost.
please don’t make this into a thread about the conspiracies floating around. This is to remember the men and woman who lost their lives.
may we never forget the heroism nor the lives lost during this blatant act of terrorism.

For all of those who lost loved ones in the towers my heart goes out to you and may you find peace during today.

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5764/21135128620_25d5da6fae_o.jpg911_attacks by Alecto42, on Flickr

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I kinda hate when these threads pop up there so depressing :’( :’( :’(

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Was a very VERY sad and worrisome day for the people who remember…
It forever changed a LOT in the U.S. and all over the world for the most part, for everyone!

I am on the complete opposite coast from where this happened and my heart ached (and still does!) for the people who directly had to go through this huge tragedy, the victims, the heros, anyone and everyone, the fellow human… :’( as if they lived right next door to me or was even like losing family member I never knew.

Like they say: “Gone… but not forgotten!”

I like this memory of it a little better… some of the many Hero’s

i know many of you remember where you were that day…
its impossible for me to forget even though i was young…

I get this evil murderous hatred towards guys like this whenever I think of things like this.

Kinda scares me, but it’s there.

I pray for them almost everyday.

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I wasn’t in my sense when this happened I mean I was 3 years old but I’ve watched many documentaries about it and its sad.

But I remember when laden died.

I hate terrorists and their foolish yet dangerous minds.

They have attacked India so many times. 26/11

Then recently in my state Punjab.

Such a shame.

i was just under two years old when this happened

9/11 is one of those things where it fills me with every negative emotion possible

the thought that someone wants to cause death/pain/mourning of others for little to no reason…

words fail to describe how mad that makes me.

i am usually very caring for other living beings, but i dont care who you are.
if you do this kind of stuff, i will eternally hate you.


here is a song that is dedicated to this horrific tragedy.

gives a moment of silence before playing the song

9/11 was shortly before my dad was actived to go to Shweinfurt, Germany to take part in the first few attacks. this song was played over and over again in Germany wherever we went on base. Sadly it isn’t as popular as it should have been.