Never forget.

I don’t think I can ever forget when it pops up on the YYE forums every year. :smiley:

Forget what?


What is a joke?

i wont they did s 5 minute long speech on the attack this morning on the announcements!!


Please tell me you’re all kidding. This is something everyone needs to be aware of. Not a joke…

lets not get political or patriotism fueled on this topic. Our friend logan was just making a post out of respect of the solemn day. this is posted for you mrciurleo. im not an underage cititzen but a few in this thread are, and they didnt have to face that day head on like some of us have. maybe jokes are our generations fault through media, from shows like south park to family guy and so on. to most ti is one big joke,bcuz its in the past but please dont be a jackbutt about it when its just gonna be wasted finger taps on your part. like i said just respect the thread, if you have to be obnoxious about something just leave it alone. as i said previously…doo doo…

Also something everyone needs to be aware of is that people sometimes should get really sad topics and make them less sad so we don’t all start bursting into tears. I don’t want to be put on this guilt trip again of feeling sad every year it is 9/11. But I am fully aware of the indecent.

Inside.job, building 7 falling at freefall speed, explosions. Jet fuel can’t burn through steel, molten metal found months later, weird things like cars exploding.

Not taking away from the people that lost their lives, that is what everyone says " what you don’t care about the people that died!" Ofc I do you are just being lied to

It’s. False flag operation, look up operations northwoods and operation gladi
Please don’t take my word for it, do your own research. know this might offend some people but you need to think for yourselves, not what tv tells you

I’m sure most of you didn’t know that all the suposive hijackers that took over the plane with box cutters, even if you believe that then why are all but two from Saudi arabia but then USA invades Iraq???

Please do your own research and question everything…

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I hear people saying stuff about explosions at the base of the tower. I don’t really have my own opinion though.

atleast i know the man ive been talking to the most as of recent has a brain XD. i wanted to state this but i change my mind, so carson did it for me,thank you sir.

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I know personally people who were in the tower one of them didn’t make it out. I really don’t want to hear about you filthy conspiracy theorists, keep your crap to yourself and just realize that people are dead and its a sad time. No matter what happened will change the fact that hundreds died that day because some freak decided that they weren’t worth anything and made the decision to put a plane into two iconic buildings forever changing my life and thousands others lives. this is not a day to go who did what and what happened this is a day to say this is a sad time, and remember the good times we had with the people who were in the buildings that didn’t make it out.

I find it comical any of you think any of you know what really happened. You were never meant to, you never will. You sound like an idiot, whether you have a strong opinion one way or the other, you sound stupid.
Whether you’re being lied to by the mainstream media or your run of the mill political blogs, they don’t know what happened, and neither will you. Its all BS, and you’re all eons out of your league.

yes this is sooo true… Thank you

People are expendable to government to pass an agenda. I don’t want to be rude.but because you knew someone I’m not.allowed to state my opinion? I think the person who was in the building that you knew would like you to know the truth rather than just taking everything the media says for a fact.

And thanks Grinch :wink: I have done my research not just a kid saying it to say it.

If you look it up it happened the same day the defences were down because of a NORAD drill that only happens once every 3 year’s, or else they wouldn’t have been able to get in the country

I’m sad it happened too but think of all the stuff they get away with, violating rights, searching people, and its always 911 that they use as an excuse.

I don’t mean to offend anyone just share my thoughts and the tactics the media uses to make you feel like you are dumb and weird if you question anything…

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ima pokemon master,so im waaaaay into my league XP
and they wont allow us to know if were right or wrong,so no matter what we have to research and objectify all that we can know for revaluation from our peers,cuz whom else would we talk to XP DaGumment?XD