This is the Boston marathon terrorist attack thread. 4/15/13

Have you been living under a rock? There are some very angry, crazy people in this world that feel anything is justified to right some real or imagined wrong.

When a person experiences a lot of pain and pressure without anyone helping out, that person will eventually go insane.

… And plant bombs…

I guess I can understand it, but it is still hard to imagine someone doing that by choice,

Not by choice most of the time. There are lots of things and beliefs that can change everything you think say ect.

Like drugs, and injections…

Doubt it. Terrorists groups like Al Qaeda never use anything like that, just not quite wired right. And most terrorists reason of their minds being changed, is religion. Not saying this is what all religious people, muslims, or christians do, just that it is almost always religion behind it. I don’t know much about religion, so you can say they are worshipping wrong, but I am trying to say that without religion, this wouldn’t happen. To clear myself even more, Yes most terrorist attacks are from religion, and therefore without religion most wouldn’t happen, but I am not saying there should not be religion. SOme peoples common sense doesn’t kick in without religion, so in essence it does keep people sane, and others safe, so I am cool with it.

Also, jsut heard they found an envelope with ricin in it at a senators office.

Yeah, religion often causes conflict, usually going against the teachings of said religion.

Politics more than religion. Religion just provides an easy scape-goat politicians can use to control or blame others.

Please keep West, Texas in your prayers as well.
Lets stay strong everyone.

Well in light of the past 24 or so hours America has had another shock. terrorism struck again injuring many and taking lives of people who didn’t deserve to go. those two brothers who were from a struggling part of Russia are found. one of them the older died in a shortcut early Thursday and then the younger caught Friday the 19th. incredible amount of prayers and love going to anyone directly affiliated to this act of terror i hope you are all safe


One died in a gun battle, the other escaped and hid Ina boat, the owner of the boat noticed the tarp was ripped, he looked in and a strange character was moving and blood was everywhere. He called the Police and FBI, and they got em!!

Yay! Let them live in prison for the rest of there lives and make them feel awful!

Prayers go out to those who lost loved ones in the bombing.

But not to seem insensitive, why did they have to bring in religion if they did the attack for a political cause?