Lets show support for the victims and family's of Connecticut's Tragedy.

Since no words can possibly console these people on this day just leave the following number in accending numerical order . We together will make this number large and show support knowing there is strenght in numbers. I will start … # 1

2… :-[

3…I could not be more disappointed and shocked with this situation, I go to Farmington Highschool, which is pretty close to the Newtown elementary school.

words can’t describe this situation. I have no idea what on Earth could possibly encourage someone to do this… :’(

Even though the person who did this is a monster, I think a situation like this shows how blood hungry the mass media has become. As I watched the coverage, I saw them trying to interview the children coming out of the school and the parents of those who had died. It’s disgusting.

  1. I heard on a report that the murderer wanted to kill his mother, who was a teacher there
  1. Such a tragedy. I wish the killer hadn’t shot himself so he could see what he had done and feel a pain worse than death. Bothers me so much.
  1. I don’t know what is wrong with people. Why would you kill Innocent children.
    This is a horrible tragedy.
  1. The guy should be ashamed, first he shoots innocent kids, than he shoots his own mother. I feel bad, the kids never lived to see another Christmas, its really going to be sad, especially now that the holidays have started :’(
  1. R.I.P </3
  1. :’( :’( :’( :’(
  1. This is so terrible.
  1. I can’t believe this. There was supposedly a second guy involved In the shooting. He ran off and the cops found him in the woods around 1:30. That’s just horrible.

12, crazy

I’ll pray for their souls. :frowning:

14, so sad.

15… don’t have anything to say to this…

16 It’s sad to see how people only think about themselves and their problems in life. It’s very relevant, to everyone out there, look out for each other. Lift each other up, don’t bring anyone down. Aevidum:I’ve got your back. (I may just be the only one on the forums who knows what Aevidum is, it’s a suicide awareness group at my school. We’re spreading the word about it, check out their website, spread the word :wink: Aevidum.com

  1. I don’t know what kind of terrible thing could lead anyone do kill innocent children, then his own mother, then himself.

sorry! #18