This is just so sad :confused:

Prayers to the Severance Family

Very sad. I hope him and his family my condolences for their untimely loss.

Unfortunately, during this time of year, natural deaths are on a slight rise. This is a documented thing that goes on.

The worse part is actions like the above take a significant spike upwards during this time of the year. No matter when it happens it is still tragic.

Let’s provide the needed support as their family grieves. That’s really all that can be done at this point in time.

Depressing. Let’s maybe think about taking this down.

Let’s maybe think about honoring his life. I’ll bet there are too many new kids these days who don’t know about Danny.


Life happens, both good and bad. Leave it be, many in the community knew him and will need a place to console each other.

I think it would be best to leave personal remarks about others in the Severance family or companies that employ said family members out of this. Let’s focus on mourning the loss of this young and talented individual and pass on our condolences for the family and friends he left behind, they will need our support and strength most of all.


Wow I’m very sad for Tyler my condolences to the severance family


This is horrid.

The idea of one taking his own life is simply a monstrosity and it makes you wonder if you could have done anything to change the course of what has already come to be. This type of thing only strengthens the will of wanting to be a better person and doing so to everyone; not only a select few. Regardless of how they act/what they believe.

My condolences to the Severance family and I pray Danny is in a better place.

I hadn’t seen Danny in a few years and life being what it is… didn’t get to hang out or talk much over the past few years… but I’ve only got good memories of him - and can’t stop crying.

Danny was always Danny and didn’t feel the need to be anything other than himself for anyone. Integrity like that rubs people the wrong way, comes off as cocky or arrogant, (and maybe it was sometimes [most times?]) but it’s incredibly rare and precious all the same.

I’m incredibly sad for Tyler especially, and also for anyone who was close to him, (Seth, Boyd, Jon etc.)

Stuff like this has no easy answer/solution - because it’s not a “problem to be solved” so please remember not to console with platitudes, cliches or even advice. I think the best thing a lot of people can do is to just “be there” for those who knew him.

Let us vent and rail. Give us time.

Danny, I’m sorry that you felt like this was necessary. You’re missed profoundly.


Wow this is sad I didnt know danny at all but its still sad

I can’t even…

I never knew Danny but Tyler talked about him. Seemed like an amazing guy. Praying for them.

This is terrible news to me. He was a fantastic yoyoer, who enjoyed yoyoing for what it is, and I send my prayers to his family.

Danny was a great player and a good friend. I was not as close with him as a lot of guys, but I will miss his hugs and his laugh. He would always ask me how my kids were doing and show me a new trick, which were always works of art. Danny could make ANY yo-yo look amazing, and watching him play his purple Freehand was definitely one of the main reasons I wanted to be able to play smoothly on responsive. We will not see another like him.

Kids getting into yo-yoing today might not know his name so well, but I can guarantee that they have been inspired by players who, themselves, have tried desperately to play like Danny Severance.

What a terrible thing.
I never knew Danny, never had the pleasure, I knew him thru seeing a few of his video bits over the past couple of years, and he seemed to be a pretty cool cat, someone I think I would have enjoyed knowing. Ive always been a loner and going against the grain is the direction I travel. I got the feeling Danny was similar, and I know this to be true, being a rebel, an original person, not following the pack, doing your/our own thing, is pretty lonely business, misunderstanding from others become the norm.
I am truly sorry that Danny was not able to find enough happiness in this life to continue on with the struggle, sometimes there is just no making ‘sense’ of it ?
I send my most sincere and heartfelt condolences to his brothers, his Mother, Father and the rest of his family, and all of his friends who I am sure will miss him greatly.
RIP Danny, you are still loved and you will always be missed, now we must take solace knowing that you are at peace.

There is no easy way to deal with things like this as a community, but the Mods and Admins have talked it over.
This thread stays up. It will be heavily moderated so please mind your tone and be polite. Even if you are not mourning, be considerate of those around you who are. Keep politics out if it, I have a very short patience for those that feel this is a platform for attacking a person or a company.

That said, it is not healthy to carry on in mourning forever so in a few days, this thread will be locked but will still be available for people to view.

On a personal note: Suicide is a horrible thing that unfortunately does more lasting damage to those around the person than to the person themselves. Danny was an impressive yoyoer, an out of the box thinker, a lovable troublemaker, a mustache rocking originator, and a brother to one of my friends. I have already called and I know that Tyler has a good support group around him. My heart goes out those closest to Danny and to the Severance family.

No one should have to suffer what Danny’s friends and family are going through.


Sorry to hear about this. It’s nice to see the community rally in support. My heartfelt condolences to Tyler and his family.

I pretty much had little to no idea who Danny Severance was, I’ve seen a few of his videos, and that was all. But from those videos, it gave me the impression that he was someone who liked to have fun, in life and yoyoing, and didn’t care for the slightest what others thought of him. Honestly, I don’t know what would make someone want to take their own life, especially someone like him. I hate hearing about someone who took their own life, I hate even just listening to someone say they want to take their life. It’s selfish of me to think like this, but life is supposed to be a gift, you’re supposed to live yours to the fullest. I’ve always viewed suicide as a permanent solution to what is a temporary problem, and that life always, ALWAYS gets better. I don’t know what Danny went through to push him to the point of taking his own life, but I wish he realized he had friends and family that deeply cared and loved him, and that’s all you really need in life. I can’t lie and say this affects me as much as some of you, I don’t even know the pain of losing a loved one yet, and I hope I won’t have to for a long time, but Danny was a huge member of our community, and we are going to miss him. Also, maybe this isn’t the place for this, maybe it is, but here’s a song that I feel helps me get through life. Hope it helps some of you guys too.

Words escape me. The world is not as awesome right now.

God bless you Danny.


I don’t think I can say anything enough to honor or comfort the Severance family. I just want you all to know that I’m deeply sorry for your horrible losses. Just know that he’ll always be alive with you, in your heart. He’ll always watch over you.

Oh my! What horrible news :sleepy: bless the Severance Family during this holiday and after…