Shooting in Connecticut.

As you guys may have known, there was a shooting on an elementary school in Connecticut. 27 adults and children where shot (6 adults, 18 kids, 2 were hospitalized and they died, 1 adult is in the hospital)

It’s just awful.


Just insanely sad, two people I know have relatives in the school(thank god they were okay) but it was a very scary time for them

I don’t think I can imagine how scared the parents or on another matter how the kids were.

Just months ago, our car broke down there on a long road trip. It was a really nice little town. It’s a terrible tragedy.

That is horrible

We used to live in Ct about a hour from where that happened, we only moved four months ago, and the worst thing is my younger son is in elementary. Such a shame! JR

Another media story? Do you realize how many freak accidents/shootings/killings/etc happen in a day? And this one story hit the the news and online articles. Every single death is tragic but it seems people only mourn for what the media mourns for. I’m in no way undermining or being insensitive by stating this. Yes, this was a tragic accident but are you going to go around all day thinking about this or all the people that are dying now that doesn’t recieve media retribution or respect? Is this just my perspective?

This is a huge tragedy. However, what turns my sadness into anger is the leftist entertainers and news companies wanting more gun control. I think it’s unfair for the media to go from mourning these children to going insane about gun control.
And another thing; did any of you pay attention to that mall shooting in Oregon? That shooter was stopped by a concealed carrier.

Pray for those families who’ve suffered the most.

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It’s a time to take a step back and ask where we’ve gone wrong as a society. Unprovoked massacres like this haven’t been a problem in history. It only comes into play around the 1980’s or so. And from there, we see a trend. A trend of trying to be the most screwed up killer ever. Columbine was the start of this trend. From there, we see people trying to get more and more screwed up. Trying to be a supervillian, and now we’ve gotten somebody shooting up an elementary school.

The point of tighter gun laws isn’t to completely keep guns out of the hands of people. It’s to control what type of guns they can get a hold of legally. Some guns really don’t have a place being sold to the general public. And I don’t think that’s disputable. Some weapons that can be legally sold in the US are really just meant for destruction. Not to mention that the outlawing of guns has a side effect of making people jump through more hoops to get guns. Which gives them time to think about the decisions that they have made. Criminals don’t follow laws though. And while this is true, it’d make people have to wait and think before they made a mistake.

And believe it or not, I’m not against gun ownership. I think people should have the right to carry around a weapon if they see fit, but both sides have more than legitimate arguments, and I don’t really think it’s fair to say “Well, guns stopped a shooting here. So this is right”