This is funny

Well done!


The chute is my favorite part.

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well i’m sold.
Anyone who takes time to build something has my fullest admiration.
Well done. Its brilliant, the ‘ahem’ auto ejection system into the chute ranks pretty high in my book.

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Always impressive to me what people make out of legos. And yea the “chute” is definitely my favorite part!

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Reminds me of the gizmos my grand daughters build for the lego robptics league they’re in.

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powerful compressed air would spin it a whole lot faster, a whole lot easier though

consider this, my gentlemens and ladies

More impressed with the lego, that was creative. I think the fidget spinner is heading more towards a Darwin award, high speed disintegration of plastic & metal. What could possibley go wrong :smiley:

but compressed air doesn’t have gears or buttons or LEDs…