Any BuckyBall Enthusiasts?

Anyone play with Buckyballs, have a set, or just want them! Comment it up,tell what you you created or what you wish to create…

Edit: Just found out there are no more Buckyballs being made, the Feds shut it down :’(

Thats stupid, its the crazy parents fault for lettign little kids who eat toys play with it!

It cleasrly says its not for kids on the frickin package!

Zen magnets all the way! They are higher quality than buckyballs!!! Theyre awesome i love making shapes and yoyo stands

I have a set. Not too creative with them, but I love finding vids on youtube of the formations that sort of “collapse” into other shapes and attempting to copy them. So gratifying when it works. lol. And yeah, BuckyBalls did get shut down unfortunately, but there are a few other brands which offer a similar product. ZenMagnets, NanoDots, NeoCube, etc. Fun little toy. :slight_smile:

Why did I read this? Now I have to get these things.

Just dont use them next to laptops or credit cards haha :wink:


I like them a lot I want to get more though because there awesome!