awesome yoyo desplay...

sooo i found this…

that would probably be the best way to display yoyos! you could even spin it so you could see cool ano if there was any.

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It can hold 3 oz.


yeah thats up to 85 grams!!

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Very nice- a bit pricey though.

Problem is, how do you install the magnet that makes it all work in the yoyo? Or would you just balance the yoyo on it as he does w/the paper stuff in the demo?

i was thinking just balance it on top. maybe decorate it a little bit so its not just blue

Oh, woops wasn’t thinking clearly.

That’s sick!

I have one of these on the way (from another source) to display my Nostalgia… will probably modify the look of the base quite a bit, but a nifty and worthy display I think… we’ll see how it works :slight_smile:


Way cool, but correct me if I’m wrong, but I really don’t want my steel bearings around a magnet, and I’m not going to convert to all ceramics.

But yes, a very cool display device. I do wonder what power draw is like though.

yeah thats what i was thinking… maybe get an old bearing just to have on in there? i have a couple of bearings i wouldnt really care about ruining.